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How Guitar Hero Revived Rock N Roll

Added 20 December 2021, 8:02 PM

For a long time, video games in the music genre were dominated by titles such as Just Dance, Dance Dance revolution. Most games that were dependent on music were mainly Dance related.

It wasn’t until games like Sing star came around that the music portion became interactive for the player. Most of these games, whether it was dance games or singing, were centered around pop music, and this left a big gap for all those that love Rock.

However, this all changed when the cultural phenomenon of Guitar Herowas introduced to the world. The guitar hero series managed to bridge the current gap of games for those that felt the absence of instruments and Rock N Roll. When looking back to the early 2000’s we can deduce that Guitar hero wasn’t only huge for interactive games but also for Rock in general.

If you like Rock, but do not have Guitar Hero, there is many a casinos online which you can look up and see what Rock themed games that are being offered.

What is Guitar Hero?

For those that may be unfamiliar with the groundbreaking franchise, guitar hero was a video game that utilized a plastic guitar that you threw over your shoulder. The guitar was equipped with five different buttons on the fretboard, a strumming switch on the body and a whammy for those that want that extra flare.

Idea of the game was to play, and time press the various buttons as they kept coming on the screen. It was essentially a game to display coordination, fine motor skills and timing.

What do you do in Guitar Hero?

The guitar hero games are filled with a balanced mix of classic and beloved Rock songs. The objective is to select a song and pick a difficulty level and play through it without getting booed out.

In the game you are progressing through your rocker career, your character starts off as a humble guitarist, starting your career doing bar gigs. As you complete more songs you gain more attention and start getting offers of playing at nicer venues.

As you progress through the games the songs get harder, and you stumble across challengers that are looking to take you down in a guitar off.

The game is fitting for people of all ages, it doesn’t matter if you are younger or belong to the older generation. Aging bands like AC/DC, Metallica and Iron Maiden are recognized by the older generations, and for younger players they get introduced to some great rock music.

Guitar Hero III

Guitar hero allows people to channel their inner rocker and pretend like they are jamming it out for large crowds in the thousands. Out of the games in the series, one of the most beloved is Guitar Hero III – Legends of Rock. The game features a perfect mix of well recognized rock songs as well as some lesser-known ones. You come across some classic songs such as Schools Out by Alice Cooper, Rock you like a hurricane by Scorpion, One by Metallica and Welcome to the jungle by Guns N’ Roses.


Concluding Remarks

The Guitar Hero franchise were important video games, not only did they fill the missing gap of  interactive music games where you play instruments, but it also gave some space for rock games in an industry that was heavily dominated by pop. Guitar Hero has certainly contributed to either reignite the interest for rock music from many old listeners, or create some new enthusiasts along the way.


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