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SEANCE RECORDS: Releasing Australasian Version Of BLACK CRUCIFIXION's "Coronation of King Darkness"

Added 01 July 2015, 8:44 AM

Séance Records is proud to announce the release of an Australasian edition of Black Crucifixion’s Coronation of King Darkness album. Black Crucifixion formed in 1991 to become a revered name in the Finnish black metal scene. From the very beginning until 2015, the band’s work has been a pillar of dark magnificence, with Coronation of King Darkness being their strongest album to date. The album charted in the top 40 of their homeland and is now ready to cast its wings over a wider audience worldwide. It is a crowning glory of intelligent songwriting - moody, melodic, and emotive. This is traditional black metal brought into a new age of aural corruption beyond clichés and image to penetrate the true nature of darkness within the soul. Coronation of King Darkness embodies the spirit of '90s black metal, traditional classic metal like Celtic Frost, and progressive rock, all delivered with class and utter finesse. This special release is limited to 1000 copies, with the first 100 coming with an exclusive patch

In 1991, Black Crucifixion was with Unholy, Beherit, and Impaled Nazarene as one of the few bands that defined the original sound of Finnish black metal. The core of which lies in superior songwriting and embracing production value instead of aiming for lo-if aesthetics so often used to cover lack of creativity. The fact often forgotten from modern-day perspectives is that the Finnish black metal movement mostly pre-dated the Norwegian black metal boom. Black Crucifixion and the aforementioned bands were not inspired or even following the humble beginnings of Norse black metal. Whilst the Norwegian brand of black metal with its own sound became a mainstream product marketed globally, the original Finnish black metal always remained more underground, more mystical, and in many cases, more focused on the music itself. Black Crucifixion creates music for people who appreciate the talent and values that the band builds its art on.

From the very beginning, marked by the release of The Fallen One of Flames demo to the Promethean Gift EP, which became a cult classic of the early black metal scene, the band has continued to forge ahead and etch out albums driven by intelligent songwriting and a genuine aspiration to create dark music. In 2011, Black Crucifixion celebrated their 20th anniversary with the Hope of Retaliation album, which featured four new tracks and fresh live renditions of songs from throughout their career. The album left many “hoping that the band would have more new songs like this in their collective sleeve,” said And oh yes, they clearly do: Coronation of King Darkness offers eight new tracks of northern Finnish coldness combining the well-crafted progressive atmosphere with the aggression that Black Crucifixion has been known since their The Fallen One Of Flames debut. Coronation of King Darkness takes the best moments of Hope of Retaliation even further, creating an album that will be remembered 20 years later like their previous work is remembered today. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Track-Listing For Black Crucifixion's Coronation Of King Darkness:

1. Coronation of King Darkness
2. What the Night Birds Sang
3. Heroes End Up on Gallows
4. Millions of Twigs Guide Your Way Through the Forest
5. Threefold
6. In the Bright Light of Night I Await the Turning Tide
7. Lodestar
8. Thieves

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