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Why Blogging Is Still A Powerful Tool for Musicians?

Added 29 October 2018, 3:34 PM

Blogging as we know is for one and all. Anyone can take to blogging to share what he or she wants with the world. There are blogs related to games, food, travel, pet-care, baby-care and what not. Essentially, if you have something to share with the world, share it on a space called blog.

Of Music and Musicians

The music they say is food for the soul and is beyond barriers. Off late, musicians are realising the power of blogging to help the cause of music. More and more music enthusiasts are connecting over blogs. Blogs are helping musicians, both new and old reach out to their audience in person. And they are helping fans to connect and know more about their favourite musician. It is a new and versatile platform where they can talk about not just music, but about themselves and the process of making the music itself.

Music and blog

So how exactly does blogging prove to be a powerful tool for musicians? The answer is simple. Take the SEO way to music. Think about what people will love to read on a blog by a musician. Here’s what you can use blogs for:

If you have a new song or piece of music in your mind but are worried about people’s reaction to it. Take it to the blog. Post a teaser of sorts and notice the reaction. This will help to gauge your audience and give a fair idea of whether your music is going to be a hit. Or write and informative piece.

How about a story? Your fans would love to read a story behind a hit song. Pen down what went into the making of the song and make readers fall in love with the song all over again.

How about an informative piece? People will surely come to your blog post if you post a lesson or two in Guitar. Or something as simple as “How to string the guitar “. Simple but effective. People love tutorials and you can use blogs for music tutorials.

How about a story about you? People love to know about their music idols. Even if you are not that famous yet, use your blogs to your advantage. Blog about your daily rehearsals, your brainstorming sessions, your jamming sessions. Well, you get the hang of it.

Start a blog and you will slowly learn the potential it holds. Blogging can be the most powerful tool you use after music itself. Blogs can help your music reach across the globe. Write about your inspirations, how you love interacting with fans and fellow musicians, host a chat, share something new you learned. In short, keep it musical and interesting. You’ll surely see a surge in your fan following. Music has no boundaries and your blogs will surely help dissolve some.

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