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Cuz, Mikey, Bones (Mammoth Mammoth)

Interview with Cuz, Mikey, Bones from Mammoth Mammoth
by Chelsea Jennings at 16 May 2015, 11:37 PM

MAMMOTH MAMMOTH are a rather phenomenal Rock act to come out of Australia, hailing from Melbourne. A quartet playing a gritty blend of Hard Rock and Stoner, playing undeniably heavy-yet-tasteful riffs of pure fuzz, it's no wonder they are one of Australia's superior Metal acts; for one, they're one of the few known, in the genre. Chelsea spoke with the majority of the band, and was met with coy modesty, about their success, the new album and this year's touring plans.

Thank you for taking the time to answer these. Mammoth Mammoth’s latest release is titled “Volume IV: Hammered Again”, which is clearly an album influenced by the topic of drugs. While the topic of drugs is not new to “rock-n-roll” are there any personal influences for the band that inspired an album so heavily focused on the topic of drugs?

Mikey: There is definitely a strong drug and alcohol influence on this album but it also goes a lot deeper than just that, for example Life’s a bitch is mainly about being ripped off by an ex girlfriend or Black Dog is mainly about my battles with depression or sick of being sick is about addiction, there is a much darker undercurrent to my lyrics.

What other influences drove Mammoth Mammoth to write “Volume IV: Hammered Again?”

Mikey: We pretty much decided to write this album while touring Hell’s Likely in Europe, we tossed around a bunch of ideas on that tour and basically put the plan in motion with Napalm as soon as we returned to Australia and after a little time off and a lot of partying and near death experiences we knuckled down and starting writing the bastard.

Bones: We had a meeting with Napalm records in the back of our tour bus in Frankfurt after our show - It was the first time they’d seen us live. They were stoked with the show and the response to the last album. We all agreed to do this one as soon as we returned to Australia.

Mammoth Mammoth just released “Volume IV: Hammered Again” on March 27th. The album has only been out a week or two at most right now. What are the tour plans for the latest release? Do those plans include tour dates outside of Australia?

Mikey: We have already started launch shows in Australia and then will be kicking Europe right in the balls in July.

Mammoth Mammoth have accomplished a lot for a fairly “new” band. Only debuting with a self-titled EP in 2008, Mammoth Mammoth is now on “Volume IV: Hammered Again”. What has made Mammoth Mammoth so successful so quickly?

Cuz: We work hard. And we play hard. A lot of young bands make the mistake of just partying. That’s fun but it doesn’t move your band forward. We are the last to leave and the first up the next day to get to the next gig.

Mikey: We don’t give a fuck about much but we do give a major fuck about this band, we work hard to keep this machine well oiled, we are always thinking of the band, if we aren’t touring we are writing or rehearsing and if we aren’t doing that we are thinking of merch ideas or film clips, we never stop.

Bones: We’re successful? When did that happen?

What band is Mammoth Mammoth looking forward to touring with the most on the upcoming “Volume IV: Hammered Again” tour cycle? What makes touring with this band so appealing?

Cuz: we have been shortlisted to support AC/DC on there Rock or Bust Australian tour later this year. It’s a long shot but it’s great to be in the mix. If we get it I’ll quit after the lady show. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Mikey: Yep definately AC/DC, and I’m also excited to be playing with Electric Wizard at Stoned From The Underground festival in July.

Mammoth Mammoth have toured the world in places like Europe before. What has been the best tour moment for Mammoth Mammoth thus far? What tour moment are you looking forward to on the upcoming “Volume IV: Hammered Again” tour cycle?

Cuz: Hamburg. It was the first date on our last tour. It was awesome to sell out a show on the other side of the world and see everyone getting into our music and know the songs. Good times.

Mikey: Yeah our first show in Hamburg was definitely a highlight. We really didn’t know what to expect on that tour of Europe and to kick it off with a sold out show and to see people on the other side of the world singing along with us was mind blowing. I’m also looking forward to playing Stoned From the Underground Festival.

When was the moment Mammoth Mammoth realized that they were going to be a big name that would be a very successful band beyond the boarders of Australia? When did you realize that they were going to be an international success?

Cuz: Well we named the band Mammoth Mammoth because it was the biggest name we could think of. So we’ve always had that aim. It’s fuckin’ nice that it’s starting to happen a little.

Mikey: Once I saw that Ozzy Osbourne tweeted about our new album.

Bones: From the launch of our first EP in 2008 we’ve had a steady following in Europe and the USA – so getting our music to as many people who are into what we do is all we are really interested in.

What are Mammoth Mammoths plans after the current tour cycle for the new album ends? What can fans expect next?

Mikey: I’m hoping you will see a lot more of us in Europe in the future and hopefully hit the US for the first time.

Bones: …and we’ll be working on another album.

What Mammoth Mammoth accomplishment are you most proud of to date? What is your ultimate dream for Mammoth Mammoth in the future?

Cuz: I’m proud to have four solid albums out and proud to be flying the flag for Aussie rock n roll. Personally I’m lookin’ forward to doing a live album and playing some festivals

Mikey: Probably signing to Napalm as it really kicked us up a gear and gave us the opportunity to get over to Europe, our ultimate dream would be to maybe base ourselves in Europe for a while to tour for longer periods.

In closing, what would you personally say is the highlight of being in an internationally successful rock band? What drawbacks to it are there, if any?

Cuz: A highlight is always seeing fans wearing a MAMMOTH tee in other countries. Someone sent us a photo of Jack Osbourne wearing one the other day. Hopefully he tells his Dad about us.

Mikey: Definitely the fans, I love the thought that all over the world someone is playing or partying to our music, no drawbacks for me onwards and upwards motherfuckers!


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