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Kim Wiklund (Monoscream)

Interview with Kim Wiklund from Monoscream
by Chelsea Jennings at 03 October 2015, 5:02 PM

Chelsea Jennings from sits down to talk with Kim Wiklund, guitarist of the Swedish Death Metal band MONOSCREAM to talk about the band’s past, presence, and future. With the band hoping to release new material in the Spring of 2016, and upcoming touring plans being laid out. The future is brighter than ever for MONOSCREAM! would like to thank Mr. Wiklund for taking the time to speak to us about the future of MONOSCREAM!

Monoscream’s latest album is titled “Redemption” and was released in the Spring of 2010. How has “Redemption” seen you grow as a band in the past five years?

Ever since the release of our first album "Redemption" we have grown much as a band but also in our individual territories of music. We have trained more than ever and got accustomed to the way we do music. That means high standards with no compromise.

It seems Monoscream has done a fair amount of shows in Sweden. Are there future plans for touring around Europe or coming to the US, South America, Asia, or other places around the world?

We are always eager to tour whether it be in Sweden or internationally, the experience we get and the people we meet are the main reasons for us to keep doing what we're doing. What the future holds for us concerning touring internationally, we cannot say yet, but we would jump at the chance to go out touring in different countries.

You're a Death Metal band yet it uses some cleaner vocals mixed with more guttural vocals. What is the motivation to mixing these vocal styles on the “Redemption” release?

It's hard to put a motivation on the writing process of the song style since it came naturally when writing the songs, even under the recording of the album a lot of the vocals was changed on impulse. Some things sounded better using a different style on some parts while others remained the same.

Monoscream released “Redemption” through Dead Tree Music & Rambo Music. Does  Monoscream plan to use these same platforms to release future albums? How have these  platforms helped elevate “Redemption” to the level it is today?

A while after the release of Redemption, we parted ways with both "Dead Tree” and “Rambo Music”. So as of now we are unsigned and completely on our own feet. As previously stated, what the future holds we cannot say, but you never know.

Monoscream spent over a year finding their ideal lineup which is a process that began at the band’s inception in 2007 before beginning recording “redemption” which came out in the Spring  of 2010. How likely is it that fans will see the same lineup return for Monoscream when the second and third albums are released in the future?

Hopefully very likely since we have found a strong and determined group of members and we have grown into a sort of dysfunctional but loving family, as long as no one chucks a beer at someone, then we might have a problem.
All joking aside, we have really found dependent brothers each other through our band.

What kinds of various bands influenced Monoscream to pursue Death Metal over other various genres of Metal?

The main influences that comes to mind are Lamb Of God, The haunted, Parkway drive, Meshuggah and a Swedish dance band called *Lasse Stefanz* One member who will remains unnamed was crazy for them a while back.

What are the future plans for Monoscream in the next 5 to 10 years following the release of “Redemption” in 2010?

As time goes we will continue to make new songs/albums and consistently strive for international touring. Hopefully we will have landed a few extensive world tours and increased our fan-base, but the main thing is that in ten years I do hope that people will be able to start up listening to our albums and still enjoy the songs.

It was recently announced on Monoscream’s Facebook page that the band is working on new material. When can fans expect to hear the new material?

Hopefully if there are no unexpected obstacles we can show you guys the new songs during the Spring of 2016.

Monoscream will be putting out a new album sooner rather than later according to the latest Facebook posts made by the band. Are there plans to tour extensively behind the upcoming  release? Do those plans include international tour dates?

We are always looking to spread our music in any way possible. Unfortunately I cannot disclose any information concerning touring as of now. But I will leave you with this. We will always want to find ways to present the new album and in time we will do touring.


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