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Olav Renolen Aasbø (Glittertind)

Interview with Olav Renolen Aasbø from Glittertind
by Chelsea Jennings at 05 June 2015, 12:26 AM

GLITTERTIND is a rather eclectic Folk Rock/Metal/Punk/goodness-knows-a-lot-more band from Oslo, Norway. Nearly 2 years after their last album, "Djevelsvart" ("Devil Black") the band have released "Blåne for Blåne"; although a significant step in another direction, the album has been met with positive support, and rightly so. Chelsea heard back from Olav Renolen Aasbø on the new album and its success and it's change in direction (post-WWII Norway, as opposed to Nordic folklore).

Glittertind have just released their latest album "Blåne for Blåne". How has "Blåne for Blåne" been received by fans and music critics thus far? Have had their expectations exceeded with the support for this album?

There have been a lot of different opinions on the album, both in previously fans and music critics. Most have been very positive, but some think it's a shame we did not follow up the music from the previous album, Devil Black. When we decided to make "Blåne for Blåne" a sharp contrast to Devil Black we were constantly aware of that it would get a mixed reception. Nevertheless, one month after the release, we see that most of the reviews are very positive.

“Blane For Blane” is not written in English as many metal albums are. Does Glittertind find an international audience connecting to Glittertind’s music.

We really do. Many other folk rock- and folkmetal bands from Norway has a lot of international fans and listeners. It seems to be something with the Norwegian folk music tradition and history that appeals to people. Especially when this is combined with elements of rock and metal.

Does Glittertind have any plans to tour behind “Blane for Blane”? If so what are the current tour plans shaping up to be?

We will play a lot during summer and autumn. Currently, all the concerts take place in Norway, and there is everything from individual concerts, festivals to television and radio.

What is one place Glittertind would like to tour that they have not yet been able to visit?

The northern part of Norway, and also Germany were we have a lot of fans.

Do Glittertind’s touring plans behind “Blane For Blane”: include any international tour dates to places like the U.S., South America, and Australia?

No, not yet. For now, all our concerts will take place in Norway, but we hope to do some international tours in the future.

What inspired the latest material Glittertind released on “Blane For Blane”? What inspiration did the band draw on to write the material?

Much of the inspiration behind the album is taken from the time when peace came to Norway after World War II. The world had shown itself from its worst side, and in the decades to come people created a society with soft, warm and human values which were a sharp contrast to Europe during the war and the years before. The music is still inspired by Norwegian folk music, but this time combined with rock and Anglo-American music instead of metal.

Where do Glittertind plan to go on their next full length album release?

To early to say. For now we`re having a lot of rehearsals for our release concert, and maybe in the autumn/winter we start focusing on making a new album.

Do you ever possibly see themselves writing an album to be released in English to enable more worldwide touring?

I don`t think so. The fact that we`re writing in Norwegian is one of our distinct characteristics.

You just released “Blåne for Blåne” but is there nay new material in the works? If so when may fans expect to hear it?

For now we`re focusing on touring with “Blåne for Blåne”. If we start working in 2016, maybe there will be a new release sometime in 2017.

Where do you see yourselves 5 or 10 years from now? What do Glittertind hope to accomplish or achieve in the future?

Still making music together and playing concerts. We want to keep on the journey through different expressions and moods, and not be locked inside one genre years after years.


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