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Abrahma - In Time for the Last Rays of Light

In Time for the Last Rays of Light
by Cullen Balbridge at 05 June 2019, 6:03 AM

ABRAHMA hails from Rouen, Paris, and their original moniker was ALCOHESONIC. The band was established In 2005, they seem to be trying to modernize their 70's influences Into something new and somewhat heavier, they creep in with an alternative metal sound  incorporated with a GHOST type feel, dark and melodic overtones. "Lost Forever, is an attack of melodic guitars entangled within each other but you can easily pick one out and  clearly hear each note. Sebastien's vocals and with the backing vocals are a great replica of what was going on in the seventies and the eighties ballots, gradually the song builds up to a moment of heaviness and calming down shortly.

"Lucidly Adrift" is somewhat of a deep dark ghostly riff, underlaid with excellent support by all other musicians, with on point howling vocals, gently dropping to melodic, dramatic and  theatrical stride, that eventually escalates back to the dark overtones, finishing the song gently. "Eclipse Of The Sane Pt. 1: Isolation Ghost" Sebastien has a very broad vocal range, he shows of  his talents in this song of despair that also has crunch to It here and there with a theatrical presents also incorporated once again, this song is musically very well put together to support the melodic theatrical vocals and to tell the story trying to be told. "Last Epistle" a lot is going on in this song,  it's a little complex for my taste, it doesn't seem as organized as the others have been thus far, I do like the lyrical aspect but to where the other songs seem layered and very well put together, this one seems like everyone is doing their own thing, maybe that is the point, who knows.

"Wander In Sedation"  this song seems to go back to what they seem to do the best, the melodic dark and twisted theme, this song is basically about being jacked up In the head and the false illusion that the meds produce of one's self and being depressed because this is how you are and you can't fix crazy, you can just try and control it with your magical meds. "Eclipse Of The Sane Pt. 2: Fiddler Of The Bottle" A GHOST, ALICE IN CHAINS influenced song for sure, everything blanketed together in perfection. "There Bears The Fruit Of Deceit" there is many change ups in this one from mellow to heavy and everything between. l will go as far to say if you like GHOST you should love this ABRAHMA album .

Songwriting 8
Originality 7
Memorability 7
Production 8

4 Star Rating

1. Lost Forever
2. Lucidly Adrift
3. Eclipse Of The Sane Pt. 1: Isolation Ghost
4. Dusk Contemplation
5. Last Epistle
6. Wander In Sedation
7. Eclipse Of The Sane Pt. 2: Fiddler Of The Bottle
8. There Bears The Fruit Of Deceit
Sebastien Bismuth - Vocals, Guitars
Florian Leguillon - Guitars, Vocals
Benoit Carel - Guitars, Synth and Effects
Romain Hauduc - Bass, Vocals
Baptiste Keriel - Drums, Vocals
Record Label: Deadlight Records


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