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Cadaveric Incubator - Nightmare Necropolis

Cadaveric Incubator
Nightmare Necropolis
by Jose L. Costa at 21 July 2021, 7:18 AM

It's a normal feeling to be intrigued by the coexistence of a new book on the Finnish Underground Extreme Metal scene (released recently by DECIBEL magazine as Rotting Ways to Misery) and a new album by CADAVERIC INCUBATOR as well. The two obstacles the band has already set in the forefront of their existence is the band's name and the guitar sound. The UK's CARCASS concocted a foul-sounding track in "Cadaveric Incubator of Endo-Parasites" early in their career (Released on "Symphonies of Sickness", circa 1989) where this Finnish trio decided to swipe their moniker from, & the so-called "buzzsaw" guitar sound that is blatantly reminiscent of early AUTOPSY and ENTOMBED. It's with 2 albums & 2 demos that we now are faced with a band serious about gripping the fledgling flag of Extreme Metal to a mixed audience from their far northeast European homeland.

An appreciation for the production is inevitable for those that admire this style already, as the difference in the sound of the bass on these only 2 albums of theirs differs considerably from the demo tapes. As they have made the most of what they've aimed for, CADAVERIC INCUBATOR may serve as both counter-sensationalism in its choice of Death Metal stereotypes in its song titles, & lyrics, or as an unsuspecting experiment in trying to fulfill even more originality after the daunting wake of musically dismembered odds & ends left behind by those in bands like GENERAL SURGERY, PATHOLOGIST, EMBALMER, and DEATH BREATH. The archetypical Death Metal classics written by their Swedish neighbors in DEATH BREATH may have been the series of tracks to effectively end, or finalize the need for any more "northernized" Death Metal when their only two records were released in between 2006-07. As we now hear on their demos & their most recent album, CADAVERIC INCUBATOR seem to insist on urgency, fierce production, & self-indulgence into cliches for lyrics that are touted as being so fearsome, & therefore unavoidable to the average fan in 2021.

In contrast to its predecessor, "Nightmare Necropolis" bears slightly longer & better-arranged tracks, even as the impression that they are little more than quick boulders of gory energy surmount the listeners perception. Sounding less rushed, "Necropolis," 'Sarcophagidae" and "Through the Flesh" stand out the most, even if "Sarcophagidae" sounds eerily similar to various tracks from the UK's VALLENFYRE in its slower paced moments. Solos throughout these tracks are minimal for the moment but are saved by pacing & especially the production which serves to sound so indulgently like what the band's choice of subject matter is intended for. It's with names like Noisehunter in their ranks that a newcomer would suspect that the members were escapees of a local Punk or Grindcore band, as that is the name of their trusted bassist.

A so-called "over-reviewing" of the band's albums may be a temptation in these times, as there are only two completed, but on another end of a songwriting spectrum we must consider Musicology, or the musicological-meaning of the appearance of certain albums by the Extreme faction of Metal music when its history proves the imminent progress of a style from as little as only 2 records into a third. For this declaration, we must consider the early days of DESTROYER 666 (who were born from a Death Metal outfit in CORPSE MOLESTATION) and the aforementioned DEATH BREATH who boasted a codified series of underground-like tracks that were, like CADAVERIC  INCUBATOR, to be expected from the Scandinavian scene, but more importantly relied on collaboration between American & European musicians. In CADAVERIC INCUBATOR we behold a band willing to strike over on their own even when bands like ARCH ENEMY, OBITUARY, DEICIDE, DISMEMBER, BEHEMOTH, and WATAIN have been accepted as the most popular.

The fans of early AUTOPSYCARCASS, and even their fellow Finnish countrymen in ABHORRENCE will be quick to see this band grow, even while the sense of subgenre-exclusivity & polarization from other bands in songwriting and execution will inadvertently inspire rolled eyes & chuckles at the imagery of their albums. A tweaking in composition-building may appear on future releases as ideas for a prolonged path into the already extreme sound satisfy the self-indulgent wing of fans for now, and as the band progresses more into the base of experienced fans seeking more broader skills to go with the brutal rhythm section towards climaxes in vibes & arrangements.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. World Necrosis
2. Bloodlust
3. Necropolis
4. Sarcophagidae
5. Sickly Obsessed
6. Through the Flesh.
7. Frenzied Hatred
8. Coffin Defiler
Necroterror - Guitars, Vocals
Pentele - Drums
Noisehunter - Bass
Record Label: Hells Headbangers Records


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Edited 01 December 2021

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