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Dagorlath - 2010-2020 Award winner

by Daphne Minks Daly at 26 April 2021, 9:38 PM

Hailing from Spain, DAGORLATH launched its journey in late 2010 with its first album “Génesis. This melodic power metal ensemble quickly won the acceptance of Spanish and Latin American audiences. In 2012 after the release of their second album “Inmortal, the band won over the rest of the world. “Última alianza,” DAGORLATH’s third album was released at the end of 2015 and was met with countless rave reviews. Recently, the band delivered a 10th-anniversary album, appropriately named “2010-2020, which contains re-recorded versions of some of their best songs.

The first track, "Inmortal" doesn't hesitate to kick the album off with all the quintessential power metal elements. This has all the epicness a genre purist looks for in a song, especially the operatic vocals. This track is a definite for any metal lover's long-drive playlist. The perfectly placed guitar solos are not overdone, while the drum work is nothing short of stellar, to be sure.

“Hoy Debes Luchar, track two, opens with an atmospheric tone that quickly builds to a grand climax. The song carries with it a commanding air that elicits emotion and a conquering attitude. A feeling of freedom and an ability to conquer the odds runs fluidly through the tune. A glorious adventure, this track beckons to be experienced in a live venue.

Track three, “Despertar, pulls off synths in a way very few power metal outfits can. Never crossing into ‘the realm of cheeze,’ the synths harmonize beautifully with the lower tuned guitars. A majestic coupling, the drum work, and thicker, more audible bassline works incredibly with the intensity of the vocals. Unexpected change-ups are hidden throughout the entirety of the song and never fail to impress.  For this reviewer, "Despertar" may be a hard one to beat for a favorite track.

“La Caída de Numenor” is a bit of an unforeseen groove track that fits nicely in the middle spot of this album. Impeccable layering and jaw-dropping, climbing guitar lines once again evoke visions of seeing DAGORLATH perform live. A live symphony orchestra and a kick-ass light show would take the symphonic elements of this song to an entirely new level of epic.

The fifth song, “El Eco de Tu Adiós, somehow pulls off, adding a nod to prog-rock in the middle of a power metal album – and it works. The tune is compelling and charismatic, creating an atmosphere all its own. Intense emotion runs deep in this track, and one can't help but get swept up in the thrill of it all.

“Mithrandir, track six, showcases the talent of DAGORLATH’s bassist and drummer, without question. A groove-laden song that never tires and relentlessly pursues its climax. Matched only by the godfathers of British heavy metal, the operatic vocals are exceptional. Well-placed additions of keys and synths add to the melodic edginess of the track.

The intricate delicacy of those Spanish guitars! “Entre Sombras” successfully captured this reviewer's attention with dueling vocals and unimaginable change-ups. The layers of varied instrumentation are impressive. DAGORLATH's musicianship is impeccable, and the production of this album seriously leaves little to critique. Closing out the album is “Llanto de Fuego, a classic galloping tune that feels just as exciting as the first track on 2010-2020. With only ten years behind them, there's sure to be decades more of DAGORLATH, and personally, this reviewer is glad for it.

Historically, power metal bands can sometimes "go on a little too long." (Sorry, gang. But you know it's true.) However, DAGORLATH seems to know exactly how long to allow each adventure to continue. The album is the perfect length for multiple repeats, and it's difficult to imagine ever growing tired of it. Thanks for the fantastic journey, DAGORLATH.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Inmortal
2. Hoy Debes Luchar
3. Despertar
4. La Caída de Numenor
5. El Eco de Tu Adiós
6. Mithrandir
7. Entre Sombras
8. Llanto de Fuego
Dani Hernández - Vocals
Raúl Ramos - Bass
José Antonio Hernández - Drums
Laura Illán - Keyboards
Marcelino Romero - Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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