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Daze of June - Tainted Blood

Daze of June
Tainted Blood
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 08 April 2021, 7:59 AM

Copenhagen-based Metalcore outfit DAZE OF JUNE walk a double-edged sword between aggressive and heavy parts combined with a melodic and melancholic musical landscape. With the 2018 release of “Heart of Silver” the band reached prominence on the Danish metal scene and began establishing themselves on the European scene. They are now ready with their sophomore LP “Tainted Blood.” The album contains nine tracks.

“New Beginnings” leads off the album. It leads in with heavy guitars and screaming vocals. Some harmonized cleans some into play in the chorus, then it’s back to the fast and aggressive sound. “Four Knives” begins with some wonderful melody. Then, the weighted riff drops and in come the harsh vocals. Keys occupy the background, bringing another element to the table. Some cleans come in at the entrance of the chorus but are quickly replaced by harsh vocals. The melody line is maintained throughout the song. A heavy breakdown rides the song to completion.

“Hypnos” features Courtney LaPlante from SPIRITBOX with some clean vocals in the chorus. The song is slightly sad, and she brings a lot to the table. The harsh vocals are raging but she helps to temper them. “Son” opens with some piano notes mixing in with the heavy guitars. It’s all about the atmosphere here, which is quite charming. Clean vocals dominate the song here, and the harmonies are beautiful. Some angry harsh vocals come in before the second chorus, but the melodies are strong. “Nyx” opens with soft, plush tones, but the riff rams in and breaks every barrier in its path. Clean vocals come in again at the chorus. But, the heavy sound returns, dialed up a notch.

“Refuse the Light” opens with harsh vocals and some fancy guitar work. They like shaking thing up a bit, which I appreciate. Clean vocals appear for just a bit, then are replaced by angry, raging harsh vocals. “Hiroshima” features Keisuke on harsh vocals. It’s a very hardened sound, but again, she helps to kick the song up a few notches with her bloodcurdling screams. “Black-Eyed” begins with these keyboard melodies that stay strong overtop the heavy riff. Clean vocals mix with harsh in the chorus, and this tug and pull continues throughout the song. Keys return, creating atmosphere, before it finishes on an emotive tone. “Birth of Memories” closes the album. It begins with clean guitar strums, and the melody line will get your head moving. The cleans in the chorus really drive the song. Harsh vocals give it some power. I like how it ends on a melancholy note.

Overall, this was an excellent release. Rather than rest on the laurels of the forefathers of the genre, they branch out and explore many other elements here in support of the main sound. Having guest musicians helps to round out the album, and moments of melody are also done quite with a classy sophistication. I think any fans of Metalcore will find this album to their liking.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. New Beginnings
2. Four Knives
3. Hypnos
4. Son
5. Nyx
6. Refuse the Light
7. Hiroshima
8. Black-Eyed
9. Birth of Memories
Benjamin Julian Ganzhorn – Vocals
Sylvester Jensen – Guitars
Simon Gessø Hansen – Bass
Record Label: Prime Collective


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