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Deception – The Mire Award winner

The Mire
by Patrick McMahon at 13 April 2021, 6:37 AM

DECEPTION (known on most platforms as Deception NO, or Nor, to differentiate themselves) is a Norwegian Death Metal band that lives up to their names for certain. With a big online following beginning as ART OF DECEPTION in 2012, the band has undergone changes and brought about a new era of metal dominance. This album makes three full length releases and features 10 metal tracks sure to go all in. The band is also featured creating this album in a “Not Documentary” on YouTube.

For a number of reasons (mostly my affection) I have to start the review with “Institution Ablaze”. This track absolutely shreds from the listeners perspective. Break neck speed with beefy and well defined guitar and beautiful symphonic elements to ease the tension. Just start with this one, go back for the two you missed. Unless you bought the limited release cassette, because that would be more trouble than just enjoying the first two. It catches me immediately that the production value on this album is through the roof. The track also features light lead elements that are enough to catch you off guard compared to the brutality of the entire thing. “Return of the Baphomet” is a well named death metal track in keeping with only the finest traditions. Unique features of this track is a symphonic section heavily accented by the double kick and soaring lead guitar melody. The general vibe is very headbanger meets staring into the abyss. A work of art. Even with the name,

“Excavation-Burial of a Child” is still an absolute monster of a track. The longer and more lingering effect of the track gives a sense of doom and gloom not easily met. The entire piece moves to a slower rhythm than the rest of the album (not considering the outro) and is a wonderful lull to the album. The exception to that statement is the bright and gorgeous guitar solo that captures the best styles of the genre and really wraps it all into a perfect blurb. I won’t lie, I had to pick my jaw up afterwards. I wouldn’t be doing the review justice if I didn’t cover their top track on Spotify, “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome”. It is easy to see why it gets all of the listens it does, the song has a unique riff and rhythmic bop that captures you immediately before leading into a pit of doom growling and just annihilation. The dissonant pieces that jump out over the top of the song keep you interested as you almost can’t predict where the track will move next. The vocal range in this one, to the deepest depths, is a display of just absolute talent. The guitar solo, unlike the previous, really captures the speed and technicality a lot of metal listeners absolutely crave.

Buy the album. Stream it, watch it, interpret it from smoke signals. Just get a hold of it. It is without a single flaw. And on top of that, its so memorable and listenable that I don’t see it leaving my playlist any time soon. DECEPTION, hats off to you. If I could go above the 10 rating, I would.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Remission
2. Return of the Baphomet
3. Institution Ablaze
4. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
5. Internal Breeding
6. Forest of Demise
7. Grasp of Lilith
8. Acid Reflux
9. Excavation-Burial of a Child
10. Asphyxia
Sindre Wathne Johnsen – Guitar/Vocals
Einar Hasselberg Petersen - Drums
Hans Jakob Bjorheim - Guitar
Marius Ofstad - Bass
Record Label: Rob Mules Records


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