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Dehuman Reign – Descending Upon The Oblivious

Dehuman Reign
Descending Upon The Oblivious
by Quinten Serna at 30 September 2020, 6:08 PM

Where the usual occupation and tendencies of Death Metal align closer to pursuing unrelenting headbanging, and Melodic Death Metal shifts its focus to more harmonious endeavors DEHUMAN REIGN carves its own path separate from either niche. The band is unafraid of exploring the full range of the genre and captivates their listeners with unpredictable modulations and unconventional constructions. “Descending Upon The Oblivious” fully exemplifies the band’s prowess epitomized within the construction and arrangement of every track.

The album starts off with “Perish or Subdue” a song which forgoes the convention of an introduction proper abstaining from the conception of a build up, prelude, or miniature refrain as a torrent of sound and Metal invade the listener’s ears upon start. The song itself presents a grand amount of transitions between tone and speed which it uses to shift the focus of the listener, such as where the verses are more relaxed and balanced the fills are anything but—the brief respite where all instruments shift into tacet progression save for the right channel guitar just before the solos works exceedingly well for the song, creating an apprehensive flare before the guitars bound in mercilessly. “Serenade To The Blood Moon” opens with a cacophony of feedback, guitar loops, and noise in general prior to the actual instrumentation starting and accurately imitating that same manner of strain through disharmonic progressions. “Prelude To Aberration” exists for the sake of atmosphere, and through such devices sets the mood for the track to follow, “Obscure Affliction.” “Interlude – Beyond The Looking Glass” separates the first section of the album from the last half though the use of spacious atmosphere and sound effects. “Self Induced Mass Extinction” is my favorite track on the record as well the most complicated separating both guitars distinctly from one another and adding in commanding overdubs and accents. The ending is of a construction so discrete and exotic that it reminds me more of TOM WAITS than traditional Death Metal.

The instrumentation within the construction of the album is precise, strong, and imposing where each piece fits into its own niche within the sonic build, the bass is somewhat subtle, but a constant and relentless machine; the guitars are perfectly in line with the rest of the band and become the driving force of the music in absence of vocals; the drums seamlessly transition between driving beats and accentuations adding in a Jazz type of feel every now and then; the vocals are powerful, deep, and gritty an exacting compliment to the structure and feel of the music.

Descending Upon The Oblivious” manages a plethora of sound within the span of 44 minutes, and incorporates some unassuming elements into the mix as well presenting an odd and ostentatious melding of musical ideas. For anyone with a penchant towards the extremes of Metal, or just a simple love for Death Metal, DEHUMAN REIGN, makes a remarkable inclusion.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Perish Or Subdue
2. Kill To Live
3. Serenade To The Blood Moon
4. Prelude To Aberration
5. Obscure Affliction
6. Repay Your Debt In Blood
7. Interlude – Beyond The Looking Glass
8. Caputo
9. Eternity’s Embrace
10. The In Vitro Overture
11. Project G.E.C.U.
12. Self Induced Mass Extinction
Rouwen – Bass
Totte – Drums
Tesk – Guitars
Uffe – Guitars
Alex – Vocals
Record Label: F.D.A. Records


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