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Depths of Hatred - Inheritance Award winner

Depths of Hatred
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 10 April 2021, 3:30 AM

Sometimes, the listeners (and readers) must take care with labels given to a band, in a form to explain what it’s doing. Puritanical conceptions are, usually, a loss of time, because the best experiences (and sometimes, the worst ones) are given by the ears. Yes, to say ‘I like this this’ or ‘I don’t like that’ demands to hear, and to stay away from previous conceptions. That the right way to deal with “Inheritance”, the third album from the Canadian quintet DEPTHS OF HATRED.

They’re labeled as a Deathcore band, but this label isn’t fair with their music. The core of their music can be said as Deathcore, but there are influences from Metalcore, Groove Metal and even from Death Metal coming from the songs, and the mix of brutality with groove and melodic parts on their songs is really a very good feature, along with the massive energy that flows from them. So throw away your conceptions and hear what they have to show.

Martin and Karl worked on the production and recordings, leaving the work from mixing and mastering the songs to the hands of Christian Donaldson. And everything worked on a high level, with the sonority having a strong sense of definition (what make their melodies clear to anyone), but keeping the abrasive aggressiveness of their music. It’s a very good work, indeed.

As said above, the quintet hasn’t puritan conceptions on their music, so be prepared to be tried in every song of the album. But for a first time on it, the mix between brutality and melodies shown on “Enslaved Through Lineage” (and insane and solid work can be heard on bass guitar and drums), “Sadistic Trials” (broken tempos and melodic parts coexist beautifully, and the contrasts between clean vocals and grunts is a very good of this song), the destructive Death ‘n’ Groove impact of “Fastidious Imitation” (with moments that are near traditional Death Metal) and of “Drop of Red” (excellent guitar riffs and leads on this one), the modern musical massacre of “Shivers” (amazing melodies once more), and the modern outfit of “Emerging as One” are the best ones. But the entire album isn’t hard to deal with.

“Inheritance” is really a great album, and DEPTHS OF HATRED can be seen as one of the best names in the Modern Metal scene. But if the readers don’t believe, take this advice: hear it loud, enjoy and become addicted to their work!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Enslaved Through Lineage
2. Sadistic Trials
3. Pulsating Rhythm
4. Fastidious Imitation
5. Drop of Red
6. Illusive Obsession
7. The Gift of Consciousness
8. Shivers
9. Inheritance
10. The End of Ourselves
11. Emerging as One
William Arseneau - Vocals
Martin Trottier - Guitars
Félix Demers - Guitars
Antoine Millette - Bass
Karl Desjardins - Drums
Record Label: Prosthetic Records


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Edited 11 May 2021

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