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Distant – Dawn Of Corruption

Dawn Of Corruption
by Thomas Kumke at 19 November 2020, 10:14 PM

DISTANT were formed in 2014 and are from Rotterdam, The Netherlands as well as from Bratislava, Slovakia. They are a Deathcore band and released so far two EPs and one full-length album in 2019. “Dawn Of Corruption” is a follow-up of their debut full-length album “Tyrannotophia” and was released by Californian label Unique Leader Records which is specialized in Death Metal and Deathcore. The EP has a length of more than 18 minutes.

Dawn Of Corruption” is an EP that is dark Deathcore sound played at slow to mid-tempo with a number of downtempo breaks in each song. The short introductory song “Hull Of Crows” transitions into the title song and that one characterizes the approach of DISTANT very well: bludgeoning guitar riffs, hammering bass, growls and screams from the abyss, all on top of an atmospheric layer of sound that enhances the darkness of the sound. The three guitars are used to provide both, rhythm and atmospheric layers.

Hellmouth” follows the same concept, but is a bit more distorted in structure than the title track. The downtempo breaks are kept relatively short, but there are transitions from mid-tempo to slow and back throughout. The song was officially released as video, the atmosphere in the movie being as dark as the song itself. The YouTube link is given below.

DISTANT mix it up very well. They do not entirely rely on the stomping, hammering rhythms, they are capable to introduce more complex song structures. In “Oedipism”, the rhythm frequently changes, the guitars play a bit more chaotic, the drums switch from slow patterns to hammering blast beats, and the song also includes a few lead guitar sequences. “Temple Of Taglaroth” continues with the distorted structuring, the variations in tempo and it includes another lead guitar solo.

DISTANT play a bit around with sound effects throughout the EP. That comes especially to effect during the underlying atmospheric sequences that dominate the sound in “Dawn Of Corruption”, “Hellmouth” and also in “The Void”, but I felt it was at times unnecessary as in “Temple Of Taglaroth”.

Dawn Of Corruption” is a very good Deathcore EP. It has a unique sound, its own identity and character. While other Deathcore bands tend to produce very similar songs that are often exchangeable, DISTANT understand it to adjust their sound, their song structures, and to include elements that make the EP very interesting to listen to. “Dawn Of Corruption” is a six song pummeling and “kick-in-your-face” affair. It is well produced and I am sure that we will hear a lot more from DISTANT in the future.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Hull Of Crows
2. Dawn Of Corruption
3. Hellmouth
4. Oedipism
5. Temple Of Taglaroth
6. The Void
Alan Grnja – Vocals
Eise Smit – Guitars
Nouri Yetgin ­ Guitars
Vladimir Golic ­ Guitars
Jan Mato – Drums
Elmer Maurits – Bass
Record Label: Unique Leader Records


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