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Domkraft - Seeds

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 17 April 2021, 7:55 AM

Sometimes, Metal fans create a strange idea: that a Metal genre (or subgenre) must sound in a determinate way at any cost. Some say that Black Metal must have a raw sound, or the set of tunes on Death Metal must be set at low tunes only, and many other ideals that, in reality, are locking up the creativeness of many musicians. Why Black Metal must have a rough sonority? Or why a Death Metal band can use higher tuning on the chords? That set of ideas is one of the reasons that many Metal genres don’t evolve as they could: one preaching something as a sacred rule. On music, sacred and unbreakable rules exist to be broken. And on Sludge Metal subgenres, many lose the tracks due the filthy approach. The Swedish trio DOMKRAFT is one more to have problems in such aspect, as “Seeds” shows.

The band uses a lysergic approach similar to what could be heard between the 60’s and the 70’s with elements of Stoner Metal into their Sludge Metal form. Their musical work isn’t bad at all, but the band must explorer better their potential (that’s not small), to sharp their musical ideas. The simple approach they use on the album is good, but could be far better. For now, they’re too near from the bands that are in the mean line (those that will never grow, but that aren’t the worst thing one can hear in the world), so swim to a far distant from it! Their main problem resides on the production. Again: why in the blazes such filthy and crude approach on the sonority? Is the idea to emulate an organic feeling from the past? If that’s the case, better to check some works from CATHEDRAL and ones like them (there’s an infinite difference between being organic and disgustingly filthy), because such sound production is really annoying to the senses and truly disgusting.

Some good ideas can be heard on songs as “Seeds” (some arrangements are good, but more than 9 minutes repeating the same thing isn’t a good strategy), “Into Orbit” (some very good Psychedelic elements can be heard on this one), “Dawn of Man” and “Audiodome”. But the band must start to create more variations in terms of arrangements. They’re not bad at all, but DOMKRAFT has the idea of reaching more fans, must to learn to leave rules behind and work on their own way. “Seeds” is just for Sludge Metal fans, and only to them.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 5
Production: 4

3 Star Rating

1. Seeds
2. Perpetuator
3. Into Orbit
4. Dawn of Man
5. Tremors
6. Krank Blekhet
7. Audiodome
Martin Wegeland - Bass, Vocals
Martin Widholm - Guitars
Anders Dahlgren - Drums
Record Label: Magnetic Eye Records


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