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I At Last – Magenta

I At Last
by Leanne Evans at 15 June 2021, 7:48 AM

Finnish Metalcore outfit, I AT LAST, has been in action since 2019, melding elements from many genres to produce a refreshing and cleaner execution on a part of metal that has taken many a bashing over the years. The band create a heady mix of the subtle, and the overt, in their latest EP, “Magenta”, reviving an oft beaten-down dimension of metal, breathing new life and pouring the passion into a five-track creation that might just sway you to falling in love with this previously saturated and diluted genre once more, showing you that great craftsmanship does exist in a market previously over-commercialized. Let’s dig in to “Magenta”

“Magenta” offers an array of nuances, starting with the mellowed synth vibe of “Lilian”, bringing an entice in more relaxed moments with a progressive feel, overlaid with impassioned, yet reserved, vocals. It’s certainly a step away from the usual aspects of Metalcore, but it’s a bold move that endears and equally displays a vulnerability about I AT LAST that intrigues. The traditional intensity and overt full-throated vocals of the genre blister in “Divine”, with melodic riffs, grooves that penetrate, overlaid and intertwined with smatters of clean vocal delivery and passages of intensity.

I AT LAST pushes its sonic diversity moving the EP through to the enlivening track “Wake”, with a nod towards black metal aspects, especially with the intensely profound lyrical content, yet the entire track convulses with rage, but a carefully channelled anger that erupts with the precision of volcanic proportions. The rugged growls, perfectly timed breakdowns and fantastic dissonance with the minor key throughout make for an infectious piece, and a personal highlight of “Magenta”.

The last section of the EP pushes audial parameters, with “Mother” commencing as an almost rock ‘n’ roll feeling track, but quickly morphing to that familiar Metalcore territory once again, presenting as anything BUT maternal throughout. The bass line shrouds this track rather nicely, with drum lines that keep a steadiness and build with great tempo, erupting for those nasty breakdowns with spitted vocals and growls straight from the underworld. Contrasting, “From Within”, presents with an intro destined for a ‘chick flick’, all sultry, sexy and lusty, with moody guitar harmonies and a feel of utter sex about it and transpires as something akin to what carnal make-up-sex would sound like. It’s pretty delicious, if you ask me!

I AT LAST fearlessly embark on pushing the sound of Metalcore to its limits, there’s no holding back and no genre boundaries that exist with these guys. “Magenta” is an enjoyable listen, igniting and with clear intent to keep the Metalcore flame burning, executing a clean production, but with plenty of filthy, lip-smacking breakdowns along the way.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Lilian
2. Divine
3. Wake
4. Mother
5. From Within
Henry Manninen – Vocals
Roope Lappalainen – Guitar
Juha Rantala – Guitar
Roberto Rivera Pöyhönen – Bass
Niko Haavisto – Drums
Record Label: Inverse Records


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