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Ice War – Sacred Land Award winner

Ice War
Sacred Land
by Damion Finlayson at 19 June 2021, 6:33 PM

Ice War were a band formed out of the ashes from “IRON DOGS” and were formed in 2015 by frontman Jo “Steel” Capitalicide. Its unbelievable to think that this guy handles all the instruments played as well as doing all the vocals quite magical really. This band had released a few cassettes and 7-inch single releases in the space of a few months of forming having the opportunity to work with different record labels from all over the world. Sacred Land will be their fifth album release and their second in the space of a year. This Canadian singer has done a lot in five years and I’m sure theirs more to come from Ice War

“Sacred Land” As I listen to this song The guitar is played really well alongside the bass and has a really nice steady rhythm to it. This song makes me think about getting ready to make a future for my children and the next generation. The vocalist makes the lyrics really stand out and I still find it really fascination its only one person doing everything.

Nuclear Gods” This song starts off with a deeply played tune alongside the drums and guitars it makes it a serious tune and rhythm in my opinion. This song makes me think of world abomination and it is now the time of the end of the world with a nuclear weapon that takes us all out and nothing can stop it. As the song goes on all I can think about is the whole world in pain and everyone screaming covered in blood.

Black Horse” once again this song starts off with a fast paced rhythm but still has that serious tone to it. In my opinion this song is all about somehow the sun has disappeared into thin air and there is no light for the crops to grow to feed people, it says it is a “Prophecy” as if this worldwide plague was meant to happen and everyone was just waiting for it to happen. Again, this song is about the end of the world and the people can do nothing about it.

Slay The Beast” This song makes me think of a very dark demon overpowering mankind and taking everything, they have from us. He takes our food our water and our souls. The vocalists sings of a great conqueror as if there is this one man who can destroy this demon once and for all and save humanity. The way the vocalists sings this song there is a bit of desperation in his voice as if he is trying to get across that this demon needs to be gone.

My overall thought on this album is I think in my opinion is that it is about many ways that the end of the world can happen and in every song it is made clear that there is now way that can be stopped. I still find it hard to believe that it was only one man who done everything in this album

Songwriting: 8
Muscianship: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Sacred Land
2. Crystal Mirror
3. Nuclear Gods
4. So Far Away
5. Black Horse
6. Blood And Flames
7. Slay The Beast
Jo “Steel” Capitalicide – All Instruments and Vocals
Record Label: Fighter Records


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