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Ill Neglect - Reality Tunnels

Ill Neglect
Reality Tunnels
by Charlotte ''Downright Destructive'' Lamontagne at 22 May 2015, 9:49 PM

Ah, the realm of Metal. Such diverseness and ambitiousness… and always quite filled with the unpredictable, if you ask me! With the decades passing by, it seems there is a fascination for the extreme growing more and more within the barriers of metal. As a vast fan base now idealize underground acts for their unique blend of influences and authenticity, the chance has been given to these bands of pursuing their dream: creating a legacy for abrasive, abrupt metal (hoping it will never die out or sell out). For softened, mainstream metal can sometimes represent an aberration to many, acts such as ILL NEGLECT rise and destroy the foundations of popular culture just for you. The German based quartet existing since 2012 are really only starting off their career with the upcoming release of ''Reality Tunnels'', first EP subsequent to their eponymous demo of 2014. Unholy madmen ready to tear every bit of the universe apart, I was very lucky to stumble upon ILL NEGLECT's chaotic work. Quickly realizing the effort and efficacy of this record, the fueled pickings and growls from hell became somehow addictive. Truly, this record contains no boiling point: it's explosive from start to finish, unstable and violent. No rest is given; you must fight this razor edged entropy. Besides the similarities between some tracks, every title has something to offer and it seems to me an EP just isn't enough…

In order to fully appreciate ILL NEGLECT's work, one must set his mind with the precise vision the group has. To understand their intentions, you ought to think with the same mind. If creating utter chaos and a deafening fusion of varied emotions was ILL NEGLECT's ultimate goal, well they deserve proper recognition among the Grind genre. Describing themselves as: “down-tuned, dissonant, chaotic” may give a general idea of the path the band has borrowed, but to properly grasp the concept this kind of music holds, to discern the essence the band thrives on, you have no choice but to give this EP more than just an insight. The diverse influences serve a fascinating purpose to the bands music: a definite blend of old-school punk throughout the sludge influences and the grind soil gives birth to an extreme listen. Not everyone's typical record, as it sounds more of a relentless aggression or distorted turmoil… I believe the kind of music you must train your auditory system to in order to see the artistry. The album as a whole is unpleasant and irritating to the ear, but in a gripping and truly absorbing way. As if the tumultuous agitation of these four songs combined provoked a toxic, hazardous anger in the depths of your mind.

ILL NEGLECT exudes a passion for the underground movement, which praises the culture of intensiveness. Always digging further and profounder within the barriers of raw, sharp, extreme and unconventional. Every instrument here has a complex partition, well endowed of detailed structures. The outstanding drum foundations reinforce and increase the chaotic nature of this record, with the fueled blast beats and hurried snare hits. Also using much treble in the kick drum, sir Jan T-Beat demonstrates efficacy and prodigious technique, cutting a thick line between his partition and the rest on the string instruments. Surprisingly, the bass guitar isn't as heaped as one would have probably expected it to be. Being the one instrument in metal generally buried under the down-tuned guitars and double pedal, this time our bassist André Beyer gives a round finish to every song. The profound and bouncy picking truly differentiates the bands final sound from many other Grindcore acts (who tend to be high-pitched). Despite the exuberant distortions, ''Reality Tunnels'' contains meticulously played tracks: it's a grandly precise record with nuances and details in every angered riffing. As the songs never exceed two minutes and all seem based on the same confusion and hatred of life, the angst reflected in the vocals elevate the record to a higher level of dramatization. Enter the almost black metal influences fueled by the very same flayed voice our beloved Varg Vikernes (BURZUM) used during the glory days. The filthy screams topped with the shrieking guitar builds irreplaceable drive and power. Some will see ILL NEGLECT's material as unstructured noise, but a close listen or two can quickly reveal the thought-out riffs and transitions put into this mastermind piece. Other interesting influences can be observed in the groups work. Notice the same dissonant tone as Southern hardcore sludge band EYEHATEGOD or the somber, unhealthy themes and atmosphere PIG DESTROYER has. Oh, it will consume your soul.

Poisonous, truly. ''Reality Tunnels'' is a tumor, say madness in a nutshell. An EP which surely depicts a cult to the extreme, with several influences (punk, sludge, stoner, hardcore, grind…) ensuing from – I believe – years of crafting a unique signature style. If it first comes off as a mess, you'll soon be amazed by the generous amount of talent and daring… just open your mind. It'll knock you right off your feet for better or worse. You see, being so far on the axis of discordance and abrasiveness, it seems impossible to categorize or even label ILL NEGLECT. Whether you enjoy or hate the listen, ''Reality Tunnels'' has the power of abolishing indifference and that, my friends, is a serious quality. When a band repeatedly creates a reaction of any kind by simply recording and releasing their work (without help of any artifices or sugar-coated accessories), then their genius is revealed. If casting mind games via their music is what the band aimed for, ILL NEGLECT have quite achieved the objective. Excessive, vivacious, hurried… Torn up riffs from a sadistic hell, scraps of drumming and puked out vocals, a gut-feeling of anxiety blended to anger: yes, your typical Sunday morning record… If you’re looking into slaying society apart. Yes, you, the rioting maniac, the compulsive thrasher: Are you into general disturbance and infernal pandemonium? Who says refined tastes make art? Join this non-sense, break your neck.

4 Star Rating

1. Elephantitis of the Mind
2. Bloated Idols
3. Backwards Evolution
4. Manufactured Revolutionaries
Daniel Powell - Vocals

Jan T-Beat - Drums

Thomas Conrad - Guitar

André Beyer - Bass
Record Label: Wooaaargh Records


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