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Impaled Nazarene - Vigorous And Liberating Death Award winner

Impaled Nazarene
Vigorous And Liberating Death
by Kostas Kiriakis at 10 April 2014, 10:24 PM

IMPALED NAZARENE. Now what can one say about those goat-whoring crazed Finns that hasn't been said in the past? First heard them back in '94, “Suomi Finland Perkele” is still one of my favourite extreme Metal albums of all time. Celebrating their 24th year of existence IMPALED NAZARENE are once again here, threating our sanity and cochleas with their 12th album, “Vigorous And Liberating Death”. If anyone thought that age could stop Mr. Mika Luttinen and Co., well, he's in for a very nasty surprise.

The album jumps off with “King Reborn”. 13 secs of near silence, then all Hell breaks loose. Luttinen's hellish scream greets you into the chaotic real of sonic obliteration that IMPALED NAZARENE are. Drum blasts in your face coupled with their trademark Thrash / Black riffing. Non-stop. Till you reach to the next song. Way to go. “Flaming Sword Of Satan” follows in more mid tempo paths, kinda reminded me of early SLAYER. Really love the way that IMPALED NAZARENE blend styles. It's Black Metal, yet it's Thrash, Speed, Punk. But fuck genres. IMPALED NAZARENE is total destruction with no second thoughts. Great riffing by the way, as always.

What? You started relaxing? Get ready, for “Pathological Hunger For Violence” is here, ultra fast, frantic blackened Thrash in your face non-stop, only to be followed suit by “Vestal Virgins”. Now my favourite. “Martial Law”. Blackened Speed / Punk, VENOM meets MOTORHEAD  meets steroids. Or simply put, IMPALED NAZARENE. No point in continuing in a track-by-track fashion. IMPALED NAZARENE are IMPALED NAZARENE, period. If you managed to get thus far you know what to expect for the remaining 24 minutes. Violent riffing as expected, no gimmicks or tricks, just ol' plain an' simple warfare. Superb drum work throughout, interesting basslines you can actually hear, and Luttinen as usually spreading chaos all over the place.

A special note on the excellent mixing by Max Kostermaa, which makes the album even more enjoyable. These guys should really put advisory stickers on this album: “Caution: Excessive headbanging and severe injury may result from use of this album” or something like this.

Not my favourite IMPALED NAZARENE album, but still very close. A solid release throughout, 13 killer songs running a total of 40 minutes, a real no-brainer for any extreme Metal fan. Highlights: “King Reborn”, “Pathological Hunger For Violence”, “Vestal Virgins”, “Martial Law”, “Vigorous And Liberating Death”, “Drink Consolation”, “Hostis Humani Generis”.

4 Star Rating

1. King Reborn
2. Flaming Sword Of Satan
3. Pathological Hunger For Violence
4. Vestal Virgins
5. Martial Law
6. Riskiarvio
7. Apocalypse Principle
8. Kuoleman Varjot
9. Vigorous And Liberating Death
10. Drink Consultation
11. Dystopia A. S.
12. Sananvapaus
13. Hostis Humani Generis
Mika Luttinen – Vocals
Reima Kellokoski – Drums
Mika “Arkki” Arnkil – Bass
Tomi “UG” Ullgrén – Guitars
Record Label: Osmose Productions


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