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Impaled Nazarene - Eight Headed Serpent Award winner

Impaled Nazarene
Eight Headed Serpent
by Chris Hawkins at 10 May 2021, 4:46 AM

It is mind-blowing to consider that IMPALED NAZARINE has been active for three decades now.  Never quite escaping controversy, the band have established a storied legacy worthy of inclusion among the very elite of Black Metal.  “Eight Headed Serpent” is the band’s thirteenth full-length and is a furious display of mechanized warfare and might!

As a longtime fan of Black Metal, nothing is particularly shocking in terms of content.  After all, how could anyone top the blatant blasphemy of The Exorcist?  This opinion was shattered hearing the intro sample of the opening track, “Goat of Mendes”.  Consider me shocked, but as for the content itself, that should be left to the discretion of the reader.  Suffice to say, the first track has the band explosively firing on all cylinders, a controlled volatility tempered by the total of life experience through the years.

The Nonconformists,” the fourth track, is a catchy mash-up of Thrash, Punk, and Black Metal.  As such, it is classic IMPALED NAZARINE.  There is truly nothing o better incite mayhem and debauchery than anthems like this.  The gang vocals following the Black Metal interlude really seal the deal with the track.  The following song, “Octagon Order,” carries on with the established level of intensity and clocking in under two minutes, its flame burns all the brighter.

When it comes to production, the record really nails the band’s sound.  It retains the raw element of danger yet offers both clarity and high fidelity.  Beginning with the drums, a natural yet bombastic tone is achieved, one that properly displays the maniacally methodical approach to the kit.  It is almost like hearing the next incarnation of Dave Lombardo listening to the skills of Reima Kellokoski because the guy never slows down or settles into one typical approach.  He is just all over the place!  Continuing on with the rhythm section, the bass is weaponized with a driving tone that sits perfectly in the mix so that it does not interfere or overpower the guitar while still loudly ringing out in its assigned frequency.  The guitar sounds fittingly like a cannibal armed with a chainsaw – rabid, delirious, and ravishing for flesh.

Another highlight of the album is the eighth track, “Human Cesspool” which features a ravenous bass line in the beginning.  At just under a minute, it is an all-too-brief flash in the pan though one that spiritedly fuses Black Metal and Grindcore.  The album features a total of thirteen tracks coinciding perfectly with it spot in the discography of the band.

Altogether, those thirteen tracks total thirty-two minutes.  That exemplifies the modus operandi for the band: hit hard, fast, and rage on!  With a focus square on the Satanic elements of their sound, IMPALED NAZARINE have focused their powers effectively creating a relentless assault on the senses absolutely worthy of inclusion in their prestigious catalog.  This should be the soundtrack to your next raging, alcohol-fueled party!

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9


4 Star Rating

1. Goat of Mendes
2. Eight Headed Serpent
3. Shock and Awe
4. The Nonconformists
5. Octagon Order
6. Metastasizing and Changing Threat
7. Debauchery and Decay
8. Human Cesspool
9. Apocalypse Perverter
10. Triumphant Return of the Antichrist
11. Unholy Necromancy
12. Mutilation of the Nazarine Whore
13. Foucault Pendulum 
Mika Luttinen - Vocals
Reima Kellokoski – Drums
Mikael Arnkil - Bass
Tomi Ulgrén – Guitars 
Record Label: Osmose Productions


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Edited 18 June 2021

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