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Innersphere - Omfalos Award winner

by Laura Glover at 19 April 2021, 10:12 PM

Melodic Death Doom Metal, quite a combo to start with; and being that I like each of those genres specifically, I knew I was in for a ride. Czech band, INNERSPHERE, released unto the world their third creation, “Omfalos”, February of 2021. This album is preceded by “Amnesia”, a full-length album, in 2018. As well as their self-titled EP in 2016. The word “omfalos” is a Greek word, translating to “center of the world/belly button of the world” in English. This album is an intricate mix of dark riffs, and death vocals. A dance of tones that begs your attention to its melancholic embrace.

One of the things I love most about reviewing albums is the opportunity to stumble upon gems such as this one. Albums that satisfy both the need for that hard edge, as well as the need for dooms poignance. I had the pleasure of attending a show the other day, three bands performed. I was struck by how I really liked two of the bands, and one of them not so much. It served to remind me that while many out there want to perform, it most certainly is a thing that not everyone can do well. INNERSPHERE plays a crisp, clean sound with no off beats or muddied vocals. Altogether this album is, very obviously, well produced as a whole and played by musicians who are passionate.

Presentiment” - Dark and morose, stretched out riffs on guitar build time and burst forth in audible glory. The vocal style balances out the softer sides of the Melodic nature. Dark to light, soft to hard… balance. Yet the musical overtures do not leave you longing in the depths of melody, no, they switch right up on you to a much faster paced emotional rollercoaster. I’ve often read that symmetry is what many find attractive about a person's face. If that same logic applies here and symmetry is the bar of attraction, this song hits that nail right on the head. “Above” - Uses the allure of Melodic and Doom Metal, to lure you into Death Metal’s harsh lair. The angel…..the angel of the dark. I want to talk about the vocals though. They are consistent and have that rich tone needed for some good death growls, I have mad respect for Mira’s vocals. I would call his vocals the powerhouse of the whole piece, but I legitimately cannot decide on that factor. Each part of this is a powerhouse. “Omfalos” - luscious, melodic, and grips you emotionally right out the door. Meanwhile, the vocals are more haunting in this song, bordering on clean in places. Yet still with that hard edge growl. This song puts you in a dreamlike trance and becomes the inception of your waking mind.

Wisdom” - Easily my favorite track due to its soulful guitar, slow riffs that gradually rise in intensity. Guitar has always been my favorite instrument and the sound that tantalizes my ears the most. The guitar players in this band play extremely well, and this song is just a showcase of that. If music is the words of our soul, this is utter poetry. “The Fall” - I have mentioned the singers, and guitarists so far. I feel the need to mention that the drummer and bass player polish this song off nicely. The intro notes showcase their talent and importance to this sound as whole piece.

After listening to “Omfalos” for hours to form a fair opinion, I find myself deeply liking this album. It is so easy to listen to and yet so powerful as well. I mentioned each of the players in this band specifically because I felt they all play truly well. There are many times and places throughout this album that each player's part will shine through and you will understand why I noted this. INNERSPHERE is a great experience and well worth checking out!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Presentiment
2. The Darkest Hour
3. Above
4. Fire
5. Omfalos
6. Wisdom
7. Blackness
8. Nature of Sorrow
9. The Embodiment
10. The Fall
Mira Litomericky – Guitars, Vocals, Samples
Lukas Mai – Guitars
Mara Hubocky – Bass, Vocals (Backing)
Filip Wintr – Drums
Record Label: Slovak Metal Army


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Edited 14 May 2021

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