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Insurrection - Extraction Award winner

by Sebastien "Bass" Parent at 07 February 2018, 9:11 AM

Hello Metal-Temple. The band from Quebec, Canada INSURRECTION is back with a new album called “Extraction”. The band formed in 2003 and released 4 full-length albums so far including this one. The topic of the album is really around politics and social issues. A hard topic, but delivered brilliantly through a mix of Death and Trash Metal. The band didn’t shy away from being really engaged and letting their opinions known.

The opening act “System Failure” dives right away within seconds into a fury of guitar and drums. With a deep guttural voice, Stephane gives everything he has throughout all the songs. The emotions of all the musicians are palpable. “Onward to Extinction” incorporates a massive Trash like drum track that will get your blood pumping. With grunts and screams on vocals, the range of sound and melody is gripping. Add a little hook at the end to knock you out and you get a winner. They start the album hard and fast, what’s not to like.

To appeal to different groups of people, they decided to split the album 40% French and 60% English. I really love this approach as it fits in their home province and is exportable easily to other countries. “Le Prix À Payer” and “Le Pesant D’or” are electrified, the message forwarded through the songs is also on point with today’s society. They translate to “The price to pay” and “The weight of gold”, it is pretty much a hit on today’s capitalism and the justice system. With an unrelenting beat that will make you bang your head hard coupled with a great hook to make you crave more.

The Eulogy of Hatred” and “Parasite” splits the French portion of the album in two. I see this as a take on the current crisis we are facing in the world right now, but also as a reminder that there seems to always be something to hate, or that we are told to hate at the very least. Delivered through a flawless Death Metal performance, it definitely hits hard. “Misere Noire” is another song with French lyrics, as a Quebecer myself, I can easily follow the lyrics and I absolutely love this roller coaster of misery and metal. To quote the band, without a way out, without hope, without light we live in black misery. I feel the whole song makes so much sense musically when you read those lyrics. They were able to convey this feeling to perfection.

I am in awe of this album. I had absolutely no idea who this band was before this album, and now I just can’t believe I missed them. I thought I knew the local scene, I was so wrong. This album is for any metal fans, but if you are more into Death Metal, it is a must. I plan on listening to more of their work in the coming days.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. System Failure
2. Onward to Extinction
3. Pull the Plug
4. Le prix a payer
5. The Eulogy of Hatred
6. Parasite
7. Le pesant d’or
8. Misere noire
9. Assassins
10. Data Extracted … End Transmission
Stephane Jomphe – Vocals
Vince Laprade S. – Rhythm Guitar
Antonin Fuzz – Lead Guitar
Martin Samson – Bass
Stephane Desilets - Drums
Record Label: Galy Records


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