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Interpeter - Dirtmound

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 15 May 2021, 7:27 AM

To some people, the best way to hear Metal would be to enter a time machine and to travel back to the 80’s. This parabola is just to say that, due the inability to understand Modern Metal or modern outfits used by Metal band in any genre that the reader could think, many Metalheads prefer to be attached to the past. But in reality, the modern outfits exist as a proof of evolution, the same one that allowed Thrash Metal, Death Metal and any other Metal genre to come to life. And INTERPETER, from Nashville, comes to show what they’re into with “Dirtmound”.

Their musical way isn’t so easy to describe. It’s an abrasive form of Modern Metal that combines the groove and aggressiveness of some aspects of New Metal and Deathcore with influences from Industrial Metal and even from Death Metal. So the best is to say that it’s a boiling cauldron of musical influences tempered with their own personal way. Yes, it’s nothing that was heard before, and it’s full of energy and aggressiveness.

The sound quality of “Dirtmound” is abrasive and modern, mixing aspects from Modern Metal recordings with some nasty touches from Industrial Metal chaotic approach. It’s easy to understand what the band does, because the modern sonority is defined (besides the instrumental tunes are really greasy, especially the guitars). And some guests are presented on the songs: Casey Needler appears on “Dirtmound”, and Johnny Tsunami on “Doctor Discontent”.

But you must be prepared because the modern musical chaos shown on “The Summoned”, “Warmonger” (the broken tempos and nasty guitars from Deathcore are evident on this one), “Display”, “Dirtmound” (a massive touch from New Metal and Industrial Metal can be heard on the arrangements and effects), and “Doctor Discontent” (some Death Metal touches can be heard clearly on this one). And to non-introduced fans, it can be pretty weird. But maybe those that love the modern ways will have a great time with this EP.

Maybe INTERPETER needs a bit more maturing, but the potential shown on “Dirtmound” shows that a new great name can be on the rise.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Ballad of the End
2. The Summoned
3. Warmonger
4. Display
5. Dirtmound
6. Doctor Discontent
Wade Turner - Vocals
Ryan Waldron - Guitars
Jeremy Arvin - Bass
Aaron Hugen - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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