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Iron Jaws – Declaration of War

Iron Jaws
Declaration of War
by Leanne Evans at 10 July 2021, 1:04 PM

Seven long years have passed since Italian speed demons, IRON JAWS, released their last album, “Guilty of Ignorance”. Channelling their energy into creating a blistering line-up, these charging speed beasts cite influence from EXCITER and OVERKILL and, my God, do IRON JAWS push the realms of speed to new and better heights?! Their sizzling ferocity goes balls deep in their third release, “Declaration of War”, with twelve barbarously belting tracks at raging velocity, uncompromising and unapologetic, fuelled by an incessant scorching rage, firing on all cylinders throughout to demoniac proportions.

Cracking open “Declaration of War”, “Satan’s Bride” bursts in as a demonic offering of hellish speed and forked tongue vocal delivery, the bass line ravishes, and blistering leads explode with melodic malevolence. IRON JAWS execute sonically sexed-up riffs, pounding, pouring and ravaging, that bass line penetrating (it really is lasciviously delicious) in “Speed Metal Commando”, all cymbal heavy and infectiously obnoxious with its grit, guts and glory. Moving into the equally obstreperous “The Brawl”, with its bolshy middle finger thrust in your face with rampant masterstroke licks and riffs and sporadic NWOBHM meets MERCYFUL FATE moments, IRON JAWS doesn’t relent in the audial pummelling.

Boisterous cuts like “Hell of Boiling Metal (Big Trouble in Chinatown)” bubble with seething unbridled savagery, contrastingly, title-track “Declaration of War”, takes a brewing unnerving battle stance in its intro, with leads that escalate to rip through your skin and double-kick drums that pulsate and pound profusely. IRON JAWS whack and wallop, every track exciting, with one of the cream-worthy highlights “Ton of Bricks” delighting. It’s pretty ballsy to take on METAL CHURCH, but shit the bed, IRON JAWS nail it with the snail-trail inducing gravelly vocals of Andrea, thumping rhythm section and passages of boundless energy! It’s a coquettish slice of sizzling sonic smut; I challenge you not to get aroused by this intensely devilish beast!

Speaking of bestial proportions, another highlight from the metallic mouths of IRON JAWS is “Evil Bringer”, which strikes with its wand of minor key malevolence through harmonious dual guitar lines, blissful bass, incessant drums and gritted vocals, screams and gang chants aplenty. There’s an abundance of filthy moments to get your teeth stuck into on “Declaration of War”, IRON JAWS salaciously serving up their masterful speedy sonic spewing, “Idiot’s Prophet” dishing up an eastern flavoured riff and the bass hooking itself into you once again (I love its overt tone throughout this record), announcing a sharp “fuck you!” to religious extremists. Tracks like “Grandier’s Damnation” take a more sinister turn and delight with solos to cleanse the palate, as also seen in “B.M.W (Black Metal Wheels)”, with Andrea’s incredible shrill pitch piercing perfectly. Predatory piece “Back on the Hunt” dishes out delectable darkness, contrasting pleasantly with the uplifting and anthemic “Horns Up for Metal” to bookend this remarkable record.

“Declaration of War” doesn’t just blow the bloody doors off, no, it straps a megaton of TNT to your brain and cranially annihilates with its breakneck, inhuman speed. There’s an endearing blend of eighties throwback speed nuances but executed with a contemporary delivery and smooth production that complements IRON JAWS’ sound perfectly. This full-length is a fine bit of meat that you’ll be champing at the bit to listen to over and over.

Songwriting:   8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production:     8

4 Star Rating

1. Satan's Bride
2. Speed Metal Commando
3. The Brawl
4. The Hell of Boiling Metal (Big Trouble in Chinatown)
5. Declaration of War
6. Ton of Bricks
7. Evil Bringer
8. Idiot's Prophet
9. Grandier's Damnation
10. B.M.W. (Black Metal Wheels)
11. Back on The Hunt
12. Horns Up for Metal
Andrea “Mixy” Finotti – Vocals
Roberto “Micini” Quaglia – Guitars
Alberto “Mauser” Accomasso - Guitars
Roberto “Rock ‘n’ Rob” Massasso – Bass
Marco “Mark” Morrone – Drums
Record Label: Pure Steel Records


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