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Ironbound – The Lightbringer Award winner

The Lightbringer
by Patrick McMahon at 16 June 2021, 6:51 AM

IRONBOUND is fresh out of Poland with their first full length album. Their newest release since “The Witch Hunt / Lifesblood” in 2018 (with their new vocalist). With the album we are assured that this new metal powerhouse should assuage the hunger of every metal maniac for some good, old school NWOWBHM vibes.

The instrumental “Far Away” leads the pack on this with a familiar, but altogether welcome, beat. If this track has anything to say about what is to come, it is a “brace yourself, things are about to get heavy”. “The Witch Hunt” introduces the vocal elements, and the real cohesion of the entire group. There are transitions through the track that highlight exactly how long these guys have been playing together. Does anybody else appreciate those? The vocal range and musicianship take chances throughout to show just enough razzle dazzle to play nicely with the song. “When Eagles Fly” made me laugh before I ever pressed play. Really, isn’t it just when they’re not perched? But seriously now, this song has massive hits that will have you headbanging right off the jump. It is a very showy and well produced track. It highlights the dramatic flair these guys seem wonderfully comfortable in. Guitar leads flow through this one in a way that accentuates the feeling of the collective track. To the main event I suppose.

“The Lightbringer” (title track) is a very jumpy and aggressive song. Chorus staying power is real heavy on this track. The musicianship stays leaps and bounds above most average freshman releases, in my opinion. There is an entire bridge piece dedicated to the band hammering out the beat of the song in unison. A big old guitar solo right afterwards is perfectly balanced with the rest of the track. It is full of playful and thoughtful playing, so none of the one trick pony (sweeping / tapping) stuff others find so necessary. Impressive to just feel the, again, cohesion of it all.

This is the part I get to be myself the most through, so here goes. I can not wait to see more music from these guys. Are they going to tour the US? I have so many questions. There are bands in every genre of music that could take notes from these guys on so many things. Cohesion being the watchword. You hear runs through this whole album and I think “Damn, how many times did they have to mess that one up before it turned in to that?”. But then again it probably wasn’t all that tough given the caliber of the musicians here is way up there. Good damn work.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Far Away
2. The Witch Hunt
3. When Eagles Fly
4. Smoke and Mirrors
5. The Lightbringer
6. Children Left by God
7. The Turn of the Tides
8. Light Up the Skies
9. Beyond the Horizon
Lukasz Krauze – Vocals
Michal Halamoda – Guitar
Krysztof Calka – Guitar
Zbigniew Bizon – Bass
Adam Calka - Drums
Record Label: Ossuary Records


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