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Liar Thief Bandit – Deadlights Award winner

Liar Thief Bandit
by Leanne Evans at 03 May 2021, 9:20 PM

After the God-awful last twelve months or so, a healthy bit of nostalgia to “back in the day” is just what the doctor ordered. Sometimes, looking back isn’t such a bad thing, and LIAR THIEF BANDIT does just that in their third studio album, “Deadlights”, an album packed with soul-nourishing sustenance. The talented Swedish trio combines an endearing musical blend of classic 70’s rock, with the feelgood era of garage rock vibes, transporting us to musical utopia with their wistfully reminiscent sonics and fistfuls of positivity in twelve delightfully upbeat tracks. In a glass half-full approach, LIAR THIEF BANDIT pour many an influence into your ears, from THIN LIZZY licks, to upbeat shades of DEEP PURPLE, the cheer of THE HELLACOPTERS and the beat and easy-listening of QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE. “Deadlights” is an album rammed full of optimism and encouragement on turning personal hardships into something positive. How can you possibly resist this piece of sonic sunshine?!

Title-track, “Deadlights”, leaps in with great tempo and rhythm, with Mike’s clean and smooth vocals really shining from the word “go” and getting you into the LIAR THIEF BANDIT groove. Collectively, the guys have effortless synergy which carries through gloriously into “Brand New Day”. With the THIN LIZZY-esque opening lick, the harmonious guitar and bass work, this track is pretty special and very catchy! It’s a nicely rousing piece of work, with enough tempo to satisfy you and keep your feet tapping, but not too much to use up your energy reserves… you need those very soon…

Those energy reserves I just mentioned? You need them NOW! “Good Enough” crashes in and reveals itself as possibly one of the sincerest garage rock pieces of the album and reminiscent of bygone days. There’s heaps of energy, an infectious vocal hook and William’s drums really nail the overall upbeat acceptance that when all is said and done in life, and when everything comes to an end, “Being good is good enough”. The feel-good vibes keep on coming and when “Catch and Release” bursts in, pure happiness washes over you and you’re saturated in a wave of great energy. LIAR THIEF BANDIT really know how to fashion decent atmosphere in their sound and recreate a story in their execution. “’Cept the Truth” kicks down the door with attitude and there’s surly aggression in Mike’s fierce vocals, with driving drum lines raging to keep the tempo pumping and superb bass and guitar work within the track. In fact, “Deadlights” is jam-packed and rammed with plenty to get your teeth into, without being too in-your-face, and is good, clean fun but with depth and lyrical brilliance. Tracks like “Feather” – a real highlight of the album – bring lyrical substance, such as “You could have knocked me over/With a feather or a stone”, and then you have beauties like “I’ve Got a Lot of Money Comin’ In” that splits in with fuzzed feedback and a glorious retro sound with a very catchy chorus.

LIAR THIEF BANDIT continue with their truthful, but upbeat, narrative, and you get a sense that some of the tracks glean wisdom from the band’s own personal experiences. “Forever the Optimist” is a pretty raw piece, whilst still maintaining that happy-go-lucky vibe, and the same can be said with “Silver Tongue”, which pleasingly harks back to that wonderful 70’s classic rock vibe. “Right from Wrong” has a great bass line, Niklas adding the depth that’s needed to tackle a more troublesome thematic, and catchy riffs with an infectious chorus “Bring back the good old days/When I could shut my eyes and make it go away”. I mean, I’m sure we all feel like that most of the time! Finally, wrapping up “Deadlights”, is the wonderful track “Hindsight” in a fabulous minor key, layered with plenty of sound, percussion, chord progression and great backing vocals to create a sense of urgency, it works brilliantly and the cheeky bit of feedback to finish is *chef’s kiss*. It’s as if LIAR THIEF BANDIT is giving you a flirtatious wink and know that “Deadlights” is a corker of an album.

LIAR THIEF BANDIT is a wholesome, fun-loving trio of musicians, re-introducing a preloved sound to modern-day ears, reviving it with their own authenticity and breathing contemporary freshness into it. Their transparency and honesty in their song-writing and performance adds a fun irony to calling the band after the most dishonest, and less than desirable, members of society. These guys are most definitely desirable… but they may, nonetheless, steal your heart!

LIAR THIEF BANDIT’s latest album, “Deadlights”, will be released on May 14th and will be available on CD and vinyl.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Deadlights
2. Brand New Day
3. Good Enough
4. Catch and Release
5. ‘Cept the Truth
6. Limitations
7. Feather
8. I’ve Got a Lot of Money Comin’ In
9. Forever the Optimist
10. Silver Tongue
11. Right from Wrong
12. Hindsight
Mike Jacobson – Vocals and Guitar
Niklas Dahre – Bass and Backing Vocals
William Grube – Drums, Percussion
Record Label: The Sign Records


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