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Lighthouse Keeper - Drowning

Lighthouse Keeper
by John Foley at 31 March 2021, 6:22 AM

Formed back in 2019, LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER are a post -hardcore/emo act who are taking the Prague scene by storm. With a fair few shows under their belt they have now released their first full length album, “Drowning" back in January 2021 and are hoping to take the world by storm once this pandemic is over. Opening up the album we have the intro track “Waves/Seagulls". As the track opens we get the sound of rain with a gentle acoustic guitar melody with strings fading in as this works against the sound of the waves. Then the band launches into the first song “Insane/Alone". This one has a slightly punk feel from the start as the drums pound away and a very nice lead guitar melody over it. This is also complete with a heavy breakdown and a chorus that really gets you moving.

Next up we have “Lines/Consequences” which the band released as the album's first single and shot a video for. It starts with a quiet melodic and clean sounding guitar as the heavy distorted guitars come in and manage to keep that same melody. With this song you can really hear that the band are trying to strike an emotional chord with the listener. Another song to check out here is “Crushed/Disgusted”. The guitar fades in on this one then the band really kicks things off. There are some great riffs here and it is a real crowd goer. It has a nice  breakdown for trying to get those mosh pits started. I did really like the guitar work on this track.

“Reborn/Resurrected” is a rocking tune from the start and the band recently released a video for this one too. It is a very frantic song and the drums carry it nicely. The middle section strips it all down and builds it back up to bring the heavy, it keeps the listener on their feet. In my opinion this was one of the better songs on this album. We finally get to the last song on the album with “Innocence/Naivety” and one this one you can hear that the band are really looking to strike that emotional chord again. From listening to this one the band are trying to do a lot in this track and are going for one of those big sounding choruses. It is a pretty decent way of closing the album.

From listening to “Drowning" by LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER they sound a little like those British metalcore/emo bands from the late 2000’s and early 2010’s. The vocals might have worked better with a little less growling and maybe a little more clean melodic vocal sound. This would have worked a lot better for the chorus lines. But it does have some really nice melodies and some killer riffs.

Songwriting: 6
Memorability: 5
Musicianship: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Waves/Seagulls
2. Insane/Alone
3. Lines/Consequences
4. Tired/Weak
5.  Crushed/Disgusted
6. Sides/Lights
7. Reborn/Resurrected
8. Innocence/Naivety
Martin Sládek – Guitar
Oldřich Kadlec – Vocals
Vojtěch Janžura – Bass
Ondřej Stuchi – Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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