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Liquid Steel – Mountain of Madness

Liquid Steel
Mountain of Madness
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 11 July 2021, 9:41 AM

Inspired by legendary author H.P. Lovecraft’s masterpiece of the same name, Emanuel Pichler once again came up with some spectacular artwork. The forthcoming album is a follow-up to their 2016 acclaimed “Midnight Chaser” record and was released on May 21, 2021 on Metalizer Records. This Austrian quartet is a “Classic Heavy Metal” band from the Alps. “Traveller in Time” kicks off the album. It begins with a Classic riff and a scream. The vocalist is decent, but he really doesn’t stretch out too far. The riffs are unfortunately fairly trite. The guitar harmonies after the second chorus are fairly nice.

“Victim of the Night” is a faster song, but again done with an elementary riff. It reminds me of the 1980’s…this could be a DOKKEN or RATT riff. But again, the vocalist doesn’t stand out much. “Heavy Metal Fire” begins with some bass notes and an energetic riff. From there, it’s just a riff that you have definitely heard before. The guys play with energy and emotion, but the sound is just a bit thin overall. This time, Fabio stretches out a bit into some upper ranges, and the lead guitarist lays down a firey solo.

“Mountain of Madness” begins with clean, acoustical guitars and some melancholy tones. A distorted riff picks up the sound and returns to acoustical longing in the chorus. Some soft “ahhs” carry the sound forward, with spoken word. “Phoenix” also starts with clean, acoustical guitars. This sound is not too shabby. A distorted riff picks up the sound, and again, it’s a crunchy riff, but one that you have heard before. “Alpine Warrior” is the third track in a row that opens with clean guitars, and more of those melancholy tones. But it’s not long before the distorted riff comes into play. Guitar harmonies build, and cheesy spoken words enter. Again, the guitar harmonies are decent, but do not an album make.

“On the Run” begins with a fast-moving riff and some bass guitar thuds. The galloping kick drum has elements of Power Metal to it. The song is utterly forgettable, unfortunately. “City Lights” features some cowbell strikes and a long scream to open the song. But again, the riff is something that you have heard many times before, as is the guitar solo. “Nothing to Lose” is an under-three-minute blast, that features a quicker sound, but again with a riff that is recycled. Uggh, this is getting old. “Thunder and Lightning” closes the album and thank you. The main riff is powerful, but that doleful sound and lyrics are, well, cheesy again.

Eh…not bad, but not really that great either. The album pushes energy but was doomed to fail from the start. This style of music has been done, re-done, and re-done again, thousands of times over. So, we have a work that is just not original. Besides that, the musicianship is just average as well. The production is decent, however. I think the band would sound better live than in the studio. So, take the album for what it’s worth…a mediocre work, and nothing more.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 3
Production: 7

2 Star Rating

1. Traveller in Time
2. Victim of the Night
3. Heavy Metal Fire
4. Mountains of Madness
5. Phoenix
6. Alpine Warrior
7. On the Run
8. City Lights
9. Nothing to Lose
10. Thunder and Lightning
Ferdl – Guitars
Fabio – Vocals
Martin – Drums
Julle – Guitars
Monte – Bass
Record Label: Metalizer


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