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Lord Vampyr – The Vampire’s Legacy

Lord Vampyr
The Vampire’s Legacy
by Patrick McMahon at 16 June 2021, 6:58 AM

LORD VAMPYR has been in the world of metal and releasing music since 2005. Most commonly associated with THEATRES DES VAMPIRES and having a short run under the name SHADOWSREIGN, this group has some serious skin in their metal scene. Its easy to see why a group would stay close to the ties in vampirism, and the usual dark and dramatic senses, associated with the symphonic death metal world. For the sake of everyone reading, I will spare you the psychoanalytic rant from Blade: Trinity regarding the inherent kink and blah about vampires.

The first track our listeners will find is “Toward Darkness”, what is just a simple introductory piece to the album. These always feel like just a tease, and this one is not far from the mark. The title track, “The Vampire’s Legacy”, jumps immediately into brutality and melody. The scorching guitar rhythm and rolling kick drum keep you mesmerized long enough to get a good feel for the band. Some notable points are the eerie guitar harmonies and apparent cohesion of the instrumentals. “The Evil’s Origin” begins with a chant that is as bold as it is “on the nose” with the theme. Not much makes a change between the former track and this, save a few dialed back and peaceful transitions.

My highest expectations from the beginning, “Blood Ballad”, is a game changer. It is in my opinion a genuine attempt at the classic ballad template, and the music absolutely shines through the introduction. Unfortunately, it seems, it couldn’t be helped that it would build up in to the same vibes as the rest of the album. I have nothing against the style and the execution here. I take issue with the mixing on this album more than any other component. The vocals are great and the music is fantastic, but the mixing has them opposing each other so that the vocals almost sound abrasive against any other component. It’s one of those discrepancies that you hear, but its difficult to put your finger on the root cause. Another thing that drove me up a wall is how absolutely spectacular the intro to “The Village” could have been. You can feel the vibe and appreciate its desired effect. Something about the attack of the lead guitar just got so much squeal behind it that it hurts. So much potential.

These guys obviously have the skills to pay the bills in their scene. Strong recommendation to check this album out, the music is very solid and consistent. If I could get over my little gripes with this one, it would be at the top of my list of music to share with everyone. If I am being harsh in some way, remember that we review among the best metal in the world all day (and every day).

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 2
Production: 2

2 Star Rating

1. Towards Darkness
2. The Vampire’s Legacy
3. The Evil’s Origin
4. Mircalla
5. Wicked
6. Mater Vampirorum
7. In My Tenebra
8. Blood Ballad
9. The Village
10. Inno A Dracula
Lord Vampyr – Vocals
Aeternus – Drums
Seth 666 – Guitars
Ferenc Nadasdy – Bass/Keyboards
Giuseppe De Paolo - Guitars
Record Label: Sleazy Rider Records


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