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Lucifuge - Infernal Power

Infernal Power
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 28 April 2021, 3:10 PM

As 80’s Metal trends came and gone, many different formats that were forgotten into the sands of time were rediscovered by the new generations, and many did just copies of what was already done and eroded by the use. But as time passed by, many learned that they need to put their own personality on their music, to create something different. And maybe this important lesson can be learned as one hears to “Infernal Power”, the latest release of German quartet LUCIFUGE.

The music of the quintet is a set of the countless Black/Thrash Metal clichés from the 80’s, especially from European School (mainly, from English and German schools). Something from old MOTÖRHEAD influences can be heard, but with a difference that makes things really good: very good sets of melodies inherited from early Power Metal (what means that JUDAS PRIEST is behind everything). It can sound a bit ‘old’ for some at first, but as soon as the listeners get used to the band, these differences become evident. And the album’s energy and catchy musical arrangements are really very good.

The sonority of “Infernal Power” was conceived to be nasty and crude, as the band used to be in the 80’s. But again, a difference: even trying to be organic and without infinity digital editions, the final result is very good, not sound fuzzy or anything that is hard to understand. No, things are ok for now, but their music deserves something better (maybe the hand of Joel Grind or V. O. Pulver could be a help to them to reach the next level of quality).

Musically, it’s hard to not be seduced by songs as “Infernal Power” (a fine mix between MOTÖRHEAD Hard ‘n’ Roll influences with Hardcore touches, especially on the guitars), “Leviathan Arise” (brutal and nasty, fast and furious, with some good melodies in some moments, and very good vocals), “Temples of Madness” (another fast and thunderous song), “Beneath the Eyes of the Black Flame” (some Black Metal melodies can be heard on the arrangements, as well on some technical guitar parts), “The Doors of Hell May Shake” (very good and solid work on bass guitar and drums), and “Midnight Sun” (very good slow parts, and its arrangements creates a somber and oppressive ambience), and these ones serves for a first listening on the album. And their version for “Good as It Is”, from Japanese Hardcore Masters of G.I.S.M. is really great.

Maybe one can say that “Infernal Power” isn’t a perfect album at all, and that it will never be a classic. But it’s clear that LUCIFUGE doesn’t care about such a thing, so take the best part: to listen and enjoy it now.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Infernal Power
2. Leviathan Arise
3. Black Battalions
4. Temples of Madness
5. Heresy Shall Remain
6. Beneath the Eyes of the Black Flame
7. Black Light of the Evening Star
8. The Doors of Hell May Shake
9. Good as It Is (G.I.S.M. cover)
10. Midnight Sun
Equinox - Vocals, Guitars
Berenjenix - Guitars
Matorralix - Bass
Dominatrix - Drums
Record Label: Dying Victim Productions


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