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Occasum – Evocation of Death

Evocation of Death
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 23 July 2020, 11:22 AM

This project was conceived in late 2018 when riffs that would not fit into the concepts of neither NAGLFAR nor MALAKHIM started to appear in Andreas head. The result became OCCASUM. Songs draped in the stench of burning human flesh, about bottomless black pits and things that crawl in the dark.

Mouths Like Open Graves” kicks off this album and does not wait long before unleashing its full fury, no real intro, just raw power, good thing to do. The vocals have aggression in them from the off and do nothing to hold back the tempo. With the tempo never dropping, the harmonies build so well, the song progresses through the motions effortlessly. The song seems to be keeping it all fresh and interesting. So far, so good.

Evocation of Death” keeps the pace and tempo to a decent level, not much different to the previous song, but with more chords bending it gives it the feeling of being a new song, dropping a few notes to progress the melodies nicely. It’s a decent song, without needing to, it tears up the manual at the end and shreds in some new great melodies, well worked and unexpected.

In the Church of the Tentacle God” is the closing to the album that I would enjoy if it went on a few more songs, and for me, that usually means it’s a decent release. A slow start, building up as an intro it what we welcome from the beginning. The pace isn’t as high as it has been, which does show a different aspect to the album, which is always a good thing. The song doesn’t have the same energy as others before, darker somewhat, so it feels different, maybe would have put this one in the middle as a sandwich effect. The song does change its pitch a few times to add further depth to it, which does work, but for me, it is too slow as a closing song.

It’s a very good first attempt, obviously more songs will come in the future and that’s what to really judge on. Other than that, as mentioned before I would have placed the song 1, 3, 2 and had a bigger close, but just my opinion.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Mouths Like Open Graves
2. Evocation of Death
3. In the Church of the Tentacle God
Andreas Nilsson – Everything
Record Label: Independent


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