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Odal – Welten Mutter

Welten Mutter
by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 13 June 2021, 3:51 AM

ODAL is a black metal band from Germany who formed in 1999. Over the years they have been quite prolific; "Welten Mutter" is their fifth full length album in addition to two demos, five EPs, four splits, one compilation and a boxed set. Originally a one man project from Taaken, ODAL now includes his wife A.D.D.

ODAL doesn't really do anything different from a lot of other black metal bands. There isn't anything wrong with that and the duo nail a lot of the hallmarks of the storied genre. So what makes ODAL and "Welten Mutter" so special? The song writing and composition of the songs. Every second of every song on this album is solid as an ancient tree trunk. Seriously, there isn’t one uninteresting moment on the seven track album's 47 minute duration.  All the music within the songs flows so well.

The atmosphere is another element that makes this album stand out. It is aggressive, raw, fast and heavy. That's all good but it is also moody with a lot of emotional force behind it. The opening riffs and barrage of drums of " …um Ewiges zu schaffen" get the album running right away. The song's marching style cadence gives it an energetic feel and the music is indeed hurtling forward. The lead guitar creates melodies that are appropriate for the song and epic in nature.

The song gets a ramp up in intensity and the band handles the more classic black metal approach with ease. "Schattental" is grandiose with a melding of sounds coming together for a cohesive yet catchy blackened ride. This song is cold and hard but the production lends it a raw but warm feel.  There are points in the song where the guitar hits just the right notes to add in a bit of tragic melancholy to the moody waves that crash against the shores of the senses.

The title track is very dense and muddy, a black metal dirge that takes its time stalking the prey rather than run in for the quick kill. The drums compliment the guitar melodies while the bass keeps that low end going for maximum heaviness. The overall changes in this song are very subtle and give themselves away upon multiple listens.  A title track should always be an album's best song and this one definitely begs for multiple listens.

"Eden Zeit," let's the vocals do the talking, as they are barked out with ferocious motion that matches the music, which is more chaotic than what came before it. The melodies and sweeping guitar changes the landscape to an imaginative romp thru cold wastelands. The song reaches a crescendo in the last minutes and culminates to a strong finish. "Welten Mutter" is an album that I can see appealing to a lot of people in the scene and not just ones who already like black metal.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. …um Ewiges zu schaffen
2. Hellwach schwelgend
3. Schattental
4. Der kalte Nächte Atem
5. Welten Mutter
6. Welten Geflecht
7. Erden Zeit
Taaken – Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Keyboards
A.D.D. - Bass, Violin
Record Label: Einselwald


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Edited 28 July 2021

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