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Odd Dimension – The Blue Dawn Award winner

Odd Dimension
The Blue Dawn
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 10 March 2021, 3:53 PM

Their most recent album is dated 2013, yet ODD DIMENSION left a permanent mark on the international Progressive Metal scene. The band’s creative approach rejects any application to ideological or metaphysical implications, relying both music and attitude on a continuous process of collective confrontation, pluralistic vision and individual improvement. A disposition close to reach its peak in the new opus “The Blue Dawn” that marks a turning point in ODD DIMENSION’s sound language. Their attitude is now more mature and expressive than ever, courtesy of the valuable contribution of the new members and the featuring of many relevant international guests; even on a conceptual level, the Italian band went through a remarkable evolution, from the early philosophical-humanistic topics to a more practical and concrete orientation, which conceives music as a cure for their fears and a catalyst of desires. The album contains ten tracks.

“Mission n773” opens the album. It’s a brief, under-three-minute instrumental, with subtle but charming melodies. Segueing into “Landing on Axtradel,” which opens with some fantastic meter shifting. Obviously talented, the vocals are expressive while the music features equal doses of piano, bass and guitars. Marco does a wonderful job on the kit as well. It slows towards the end, to really let the melodies soak in. “The Invasion” is just under seven minutes in length. It begins with a faster pace and some “turn-on-a-dime” melodies. The quartet sounds like they have been playing together for years. Jan belts out some commanding vocals, with a slower pace in the chorus, followed by some lead guitar and key notes. They really put a stamp on the ending.

“Escape to the Blue Planet” is just over seven-minutes in length, opening with charming piano notes and some simulated strings. Jan really shows his vocal prowess in the song…he has glass shattering range and it fits the music perfectly. The pace is a little slower, but those melodies are ever-present. Close to the half-way mark, it picks up, with spoken words. The instruments begin a steady crescendo to a staccato attack, that is augmented by keyboards. It takes a darker turn towards the end, then ends on those pretty piano notes and string from the opening.

“Solar Wind” is another short instrumental. Piano and strings leads the way. It gives you a care-free feeling, like you have no troubles or cares in the world. “Life Creators” opens with alluring piano notes, leading to a thick and full sound, with chords that at times sound melancholy, while other times give you hope. Around the half-way mark, a female voice joins Jan in a sad little duet. A poignant guitar solo echoes the sentiment. The title track is a ten-minute beast. It begins with clean guitars, strumming a pleasing melody. It has a smooth and easy delivery, and is the kind of song you want to sing along with. It takes a darker turn before the half-way mark, to explore some more grey territory. Returning to earth, the extended keyboard solo is incredible.

“Sands of Yazukia” begins with another charming set of piano notes, leading to the swell of strings, and an absolutely gorgeous set of female vocals. I’m not entirely sure who the guest vocalist is, but the band has surely found a gem in her. The song is wide open with melodies. A guitar solo leads to some rugged bass notes and it pushes towards the canopy as it rolls to completion. “Flags of Victory” begins with clean guitars and some reverb. Female vocals take the lead once again. Jan then takes over, as the melodies build, along with some lead guitar notes. Chugging towards the end, it fades out slowly.

“The Supreme Being” closes the album, with might and power out of the gates. Keys swirl above a heavy base of guitar, bass and drums, then piano comes into play. The effortless transitions here are done by the hands of professionals. A scary voice utters a warning, and some lead guitar notes build to a crescendo, then it ends on a very beautiful note of soft piano and strings. Your life is now complete.

Where has this band been all my life? This is an epic journey of discovery, told through powerful melodies and dynamic storytelling. Good music is indeed a cure for your fear and a catalyst of your desires, as they mentioned above. This is more than just an album. It’s a way to connect with that elusive fourth dimension that is supposedly out there somewhere, but you need a special time/space transport to get there. Put this album on and you will magically transport to this enchanted place, never to go back home.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Mission n773
2. Landing on Axtradel
3. The Invasion
4. Escape to Blue Planet
5. Solar Wind
6. Life Creators
7. The Blue Dawn
8. Sands of Yazukia
9. Flags of Victory
10. The Supreme Being
Jan Manenti – Vocals
Gianmaria Saddi – Guitars
Gabriele Ciaccia – Keyboards
Gigi Andreone – Bass
Marco Lazzarini – Drums
Record Label: Scarlet Records


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