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Oldskull – Nether Hollow of No Return Award winner

Nether Hollow of No Return
by Leanne Evans at 16 June 2021, 11:20 AM

Hailing from Thailand, old school-style death metal band, OLDSKULL, has been slaying in the deathly realms of the metal world since 2015. The band’s discography is a small one, consisting of an EP, “Oldskull of Death” and a split LP, “Death Crawling/Night Howler”, but these unhallowed corporeal creatures produce body blows of epic proportions. Proudly wearing the Grim Reaper cloak of the classic death metal bands, OLDSKULL simultaneously exhume and revive the brilliant bygone brutality of the deathliest of souls of days gone by in their outstanding LP, “Nether Hollow of No Return”. Excreting their fetid vapour, OLDSKULL’s mephitic odour releases over nine-tracks of insidiously abominable measure, sucking any purity from your soul and filling it to the brim with the deliciously depraved. With audial affliction akin to beloved death masters OBITUARY, BOLT THROWER and DEATH, OLDSKULL doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but rather wholly embrace and respect the formulaic genius of simple yet aggressive riffs, filthy grooves and ensure that they emit nothing short of unconsecrated sonic sanctuary, for just over fourty five minutes of aurally orgasmic brain buggery.

OLDSKULL commit an audial assault of gargantuan measures from the get-go, from the unnerving chugs of dirty bass running through “None Shall Live”, building up to a frantic and frenetic barrage of double-kick drumming and a fusion of delectable riffs throughout. Progressing to the equally unsettling temporal dimension of “Funeral Culmination”, which then spews grooves akin to the mighty BOLT THROWER, OLDSKULL master the dankly atmospheric, melded with insatiable tempo, perfectly. Inflicting cranial implosion, “Murky Waters” submerges in abyssal depth growled vocals, drowning with intoxicating old school rawness that you simply can’t get enough of.

“Nether Hollow of No Return” addictive stench continues to permeate in “Perpetual Void”, penetrating with simple, but overpowering, aggressive structure, ravishing riffs aplenty and drum lines to die for. The haunting sludged intro of “Spectral Congregation” suffocates, graduating to a full-on massacre of sound, ready for the obliteration of “Execution Temple” that annihilates with antagonistic brilliance in the style of OBITUARY. OLDSKULL has such a streamlined approach, yet there is an abundance of technicality to these seasoned musicians that progressively creeps the more you immerse yourself in the LP.

Inspired by the sound of classic death, OLDSKULL continue to impress with the likes of the strapping tracks “Frostmen” and “Arcane Serpents”, chilling with an audial DEATH “Leprosy” era feel, equally rotting your flesh like their forefather, leaving it simply falling straight from the bone with OLDSKULL’s bloody bludgeoning of burly brutal proportions. The finale of this exquisite aural delight comes in the form of “When Downfall Comes”, a bestial composition of intimidating stance through collective instrumental brilliance, a fitting end to a pleasurable and flawless record.

OLDSKULL has produced a record of the finest, meatiest cuts that will have you hooked in their audial abattoir from beginning to end. These talented death bearers deliver the most delectably dark delights and eviscerate with their sinister sonic scythe, “Nether Hollow of No Return”. These first-class butchers will carve you up with their carefully crafted contemporary take on the beloved old and will harvest your fucking soul. You’ll love it.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. None Shall Live
2. Funeral Culmination
3. Murky Waters
4. Perpetual Void
5. Spectral Congregation
6. Execution Temple
7. Frostmen
8. Arcane Serpents
9. When Downfall Comes
Warranat – Vocals
Saran – Guitars
Patiwat – Guitars
Nocturnal Power – Bass
AKK66 – Drums
Record Label: Inhuman Assault Records


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