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Onheil - Storm Is Coming Award winner

Storm Is Coming
by Jessica Howkins at 08 August 2014, 2:24 AM

Let me ask you readers a question, do you like that feeling Metal gives you when it hits you straight in the heart and overwhelms with the feeling of pride that you’re a Metal head? If the answer is no, you’re obviously not into Metal at all, so, get out. If the answer is yes, which of course it should be all the time, feast your ears on the release of Dutch Metallers ONHEIL -“Storm Is Coming”.

“Embrace The Chaos” is the first track into the album and it speaks nothing but entire truth. From the very beginning of “Storm Is Coming” it sends shivers down your spine, it releases that excitement you miss from hearing some good Metal.

It always matters about genres nowadays and even though ONHEIL are considered Blackened Heavy/Thrash Metal – it really doesn’t matter to anyone if the band have as much heart as these guys. This band have the power to really hit you hard in the face with how much passion they have. It’s blatantly obvious with the way this band play, it’s not just something you can bang your head too or throw up your horns too – no, ONHEIL have created an album that you can connect too, that you can embrace with everything you have and lose yourself in possibly THE album of 2014. “Storm Is Coming” reaches into that little Metal soul of yours and makes you remember just how good it feels to hear something for the first time again and having it hit you and impact you wonderfully.

Duelling guitars, pounding drums, that wall of bass and vocals enough to make your grandmother shit herself – ONHEIL have it all with this release. The production of “Storm Is Coming” is brilliant and shows each side of the music, it shows each member off.

In some places on the album, I can’t help but get a feel of an AMON AMARTH sound leaking through, especially with the guitar work but hey! We all love those bearded Vikings too, so, I’m not complaining for one.

Heavy, loud, furious, evil and full of passion “Storm Is Coming” has had a literal effect on me, the album has taken me by storm and it has captured why Metal is so important to not just me but to everyone around us. Bands like ONHEIL remind each of us exactly why we do what we’re doing, be it playing music, be it being a doctor (don’t ask me how on these ones, just go with it) and it certainly reminds me of why I write.

“Storm Is Coming” is my album of 2014 and guaranteed it could just as well be yours too, phenomenal work from the Dutch men.

5 Star Rating

1. Embrace The Chaos
2. Kill Tomorrow
3. Self-Destruction Mode
4. The Omega Legions
5. Storm Is Coming
6. The End of Everything
7. Wings of Death
8. Dronkenschap In Duisternis II
9. Nature’s Wrath
10. Streams of Silence
Amok – Vocals, Guitars
Sadist – Guitars
Haat – Vocals, Guitars
Nomiis – Bass
Terger – Drums
Record Label: Cyclone Empire


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