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Outlaws and Moonshine - Devil in the Moonshine Award winner

Outlaws and Moonshine
Devil in the Moonshine
by Tiffini Taylor at 08 February 2018, 4:11 PM

When one thinks of Southern Rock, one may think of moonshine. Well, let’s face it, it is Rock’n’Roll after all. Seriously though, this is unlike any moonshine I’ve ever tasted and I like it. Something else that may come to mind is the old west outlaws, Jesse James and the like. This is not them, in fact this is better. OUTLAWS AND MOONSHINE is a great name for any band that is a given; add Southern Rock and it is Awesome! Welcome to the world of OUTLAWS AND MOONSHINE.

“Devil in the Moonshine” the album and this title track is a great start which is sure to be a hit with not only southerners but all of the north, east, and west as well. This opens the door for world domination. It has good guitars and drums and it’s nice and heavy. “(Here Comes) Bobby” hints to my age, but before it was Late Night show with Jimmy Fallon, there was a man by the name of Johnny Carson. “Here’s Johnny!” Actually no, it is Here Comes Bobby, just thought I would share some TV history to you all. Now the real question, is this song good? The answer is yes. If you want Southern Rock with good instrument playing then look no farther. This is reminiscent of LYNYRD SKYNYRD and THE ALLMAN BROTHERS.

“Don’t be Scared” is one I love the guitar to start. Let’s face it, any song with a great guitar start followed by nice drums is a good song. The melody is strong and it shows the years that these gentlemen have put into honing their craft. This song is one that I will always sway to. Don’t be afraid to listen. The “Ride or Die” track is a welcome to Southern Rock folks and it is done right. Once you hear this song, you will be a fan. Imagine being Steve Mcqueen on a bike riding down Route 66. This is your song. If you don’t know who Steve Mcqueen is, then google him. This is great.

Oh My God, “Boom”, I love this song! This is pure awesomeness. This is a catchy little tune that is a great dance song as well. This is the song to make many memories to. I just don’t have the words for this, it puts a smile on my face. The track “Cootie Brown” has a nice drum beat followed by a guitar that is keeping up with the drums.

“Whiskey” is a tall glass of goodness. It has a beautiful intro of acoustic guitar and shows the talent in this band well. It opens up into a rocking tune that is just like drinking whiskey. It is smooth at first with a little burn and a smooth finish. Simply lovely. Have you ever been up to Atlanta, GA? If not, come on, it is pretty fantastic here. “Hey Y’all” are the words you will hear. Don’t ever get me wrong, my heart is northern, but I fit in pretty well in ATL. This song also fits in well, anywhere. It’s a good tune. It has a nice playing of instruments and use of voice.

“Redneck Me” has very impressing guitar play from this band. I am very impressed with the vocals and the lyrics. It flows well and will change the way you look at Southern Rock. “Different Kind of Man” is a good Rock song. This will be a good one on road trips. The guitar is my favorite.

When looking at Southern Rock, it is important to have feeling. This has feeling and a lot of it. One song will make you smile and then another will make you cry. Enjoy this southern rock band and enjoy this music with the one’s you love. It is all good.

Songwriting -10
Originality- 9
Memorability – 10
Production- 9

5 Star Rating

1. Devil in the Moonshine
2. (Here Comes) Bobby
3. Don’t be Scared
4. Ride or Die
5. Boom
6. Cootie Brown
7. Whiskey
8. Hey Y’all
9. Redneck Me
10. Different Kind Of Man
Beau Van - Lead Vocals and Guitars
Mike Back – Guitars and Vocals
Travis – Slide Guitar
Chris Van – Bass and Vocals
Eric Piper – Drums and Percussion
Record Label: Vanity Music Group


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