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Schysma – Schysma

by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 22 April 2021, 10:59 AM

SCHYSMA is the creation of keyboardist Martina Bellini in late 2012. In September 2012 “Imperfect Dichotomy,” their first EP, was released.  From October 2013 the band was in the studio to record the first full length "Idiosyncrasy" and played in Czech Republic In 2018, Fabrizio Gaffuri entered the band as the new bass player, adding nu-metal influences. The band started working on the new album, “Schysma,” which has a different and more biting sound, shorter and catchier songs, with more electronic elements. The album was completed in 2020, and contains ten tracks.

“Day One” opens the album. It begins with the slow and steady beating of drums and some electronica. The main riff drops and in come the vocals. They are very high and laden with vibrato. It’s hard to describe their overall sound…it’s both heavy and melodic at the same time for sure, and a bit dark. “Origins” opens with more keys…you can see why a keyboardist founded the band, because the electronica dominates much of the sound. This mid-tempo number features the thwacking of bass guitar, some supportive keys, and the impressive vocal range of Eliana Sanna. An extended guitar solo occupies much of the second half of the song.

“Romances for Weak Minded” opens with some fancier drum work from Luca Solina. The vocals are once again one of the main features of the album. Her voice will either thrill you or annoy you…I chose the former. She has such a unique vocal style, and I find it fascinating. “Into My Illusion” hears the album slow a bit, with emotive vocals and clean guitars. Distorted guitars eventually take over, but the pensive quality of the song is not lost. Valdimiro Sala is also quite talented on the lead guitars. “As World Turns” is another track that bubbles with electronica in the beginning. Again, the mood is mostly dark, with peaks of light here and there. After the half-way mark, guitars and keys dance together in a samba until the guitars take over.

“No Lease of Life” opens with a softer sound…charming vocals and some piano notes, tempting you with their melodies. Eliana stretches out into the upper ranges here, nearly breaking the glass ceiling. A key change ushers in a nice, melodic lead guitar break. “Gates of Omega” is a short burner, coming at you strong out of the gates, with angry vocals and thick, heavy guitars. Harsh vocals here are quite unexpected, and I’m not sure who is singing them, but they work. “Redrum” is of course the infamous words the little boy uttered in the horror movie “The Shining” Eliana goes for broke with her vocals, as ominous sounds come from the rest of the band. The song is both powerful and weighted, with just enough of a gloomy edge to give you nightmares.

“Aequilibrium” opens with some heavy electronica, before clean guitars take over. Heavy guitars and keys then work together with Elaina’s dark vocals. It turns over to the light side with a dazzling guitar solo and notable bass work from Fabrizio Gaffuri. “Your Sins Will Find You Out” is a five-minute closing track, opening with big accents over a bed of keys. It is mostly a darker song, like many of the tracks on the album, but there is also a delicate beauty hiding beneath the shadows. Coming to a close, backing vocals are repeated as the song builds to a crescendo.

Overall, I found the album very modern sounding, like a breath of fresh air in the genre of Metal. The album is plenty heavy for you Metalheads out there, and I have to say again how unique and talented vocalist Eliana Sanna is. Though the rest of the band are no slouches by any stretch of the imagination, you need to purchase this album for the vocals alone. I don’t think I have ever heard a singer of her caliber before. The production is exceptional as well.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Day One
2. Origins
3. Romances for Weak Minded
4. Into My Illusion
5. As World Turns
6. No Lease of Life
7. Gates of Omega
8. Redrum
9. Aequilibrium
10. Your Sins Will Find You Out
Martina Bellini – Keyboards
Eliana Sanna – Vocals
Vladimiro Sala – Guitar
Luca Solina – Drums
Fabrizio Gaffuri – Bass Guitar
Record Label: WormHoleDeath Productions


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