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Season of Dreams - Heroes

Season of Dreams
by Kevin Lewis at 13 July 2021, 4:12 PM

SEASON OF DREAMS is a Swedish/French Power Metal band formed in 2018. "Heroes" is their second full-length album, following 2020’s "My Shelter". "Heroes" was released on June 18, 2021 through Pride And Joy Records. SEASON OF DREAMS make heavy use of guest musicians to fill out the primary duo that makes up the core of the band.

Right from the start, this is Epic Metal. “Shadowreaper” begins with a galloping rhythm and complex interplay between the guitars and keyboards. The influences of bands like EDGUY and HELLOWEEN are readily apparent. Honor is paid to their forefathers. Ranging from melodic to epic to power, the music is big; the sound fills the whole space. Clean vocals that go from gritty to belting round out the sound.

The title track is next. As with any great power metal album, there must be a hero on an epic journey. This is where we first meet our protagonist. The tones are lighter, the music upbeat and, well, heroic. Our hero fights evil and always survives. He wears white and is easily identified. He stands above the crowd, stately and daring. His theme song is epic and swirls around his head like a halo.

Princess Of Darkness” begins with a killer guitar riff. The drums and bass guitar build, growing as the song progresses. The vocals are on full-blast the whole time. It’s a song that has a variable tone. The keyboards lead at times, taking over for the guitars, then fading back under the riff to provide a more ambient sound. This is a big song that has a lot of layers, bordering on progressive metal.

Season Of Dreams” clocks in at six minutes and just oozes power. It starts slow, builds up, drops back to melodic, then jumps back to power. The guitar solo in this song is one of the better on the record. The double bass drumming through the middle section is killer. This is a song that builds on itself and constantly evolves from start to finish.

Another slow starter is “Reign Of Wisdom,” a melodic song that flirts with power ballad tones and tempos early, only to break out and rip through to the finish. This is one thing SEASON OF DREAMS does really well, construct songs that cover a lot of ground. Vocally, they highlight the range of the lead by having him go from low to high frequently. They also use a lot of backing vocals to add depth to the sound.

If I Die Tomorrow” is the requisite power ballad. The hero must face their own mortality. The epic tale needs drama and the fear of death to make the glorious victory at the end that much better. The record concludes with “Eternity,” a true Power Metal song that wraps the album up in a neat bow, showcasing the hero’s victory and concluding the story in anticipated fashion. Good prevails, the universe is in order and all is well in the end.

SEASON OF DREAMS fits well into the Power Metal realm. They tell an epic tale and do so with blistering guitars, pounding rhythms, massive keyboard sounds and vocals that do everything from haunt to inspire. They check all the boxes to gain admittance to the Power Metal genre. The tale is worth listening to and should be played loud and proud.

Songwriting:  8
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  8
Production:  8

4 Star Rating

1. Shadowreaper
2. Heroes
3. Legions of The Werewolves
4. Princess of The Dark
5. Season of Dreams
6. Light Comes from The Darkness
7. Reign of Wisdom
8. If I Die Tomorrow
9. To the Glory
10. Eternity
Johannes Nyberg – Vocals/Keyboards
Jean-Michael Volz – All Other Instruments
Record Label: Pride and Joy


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