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Signum Regis – The Seal of a New World Award winner

Signum Regis
The Seal of a New World
by John Paul Romero at 06 November 2019, 12:11 AM

Power metal quintet SIGNUM REGIS has been in the business since 2007. They took their first step in 2008 with their self-titled debut release. It was then followed up by four more equally highly acclaimed albums, “The Eyes of Power” (2010), “Exodus” (2013), “Chapter IV: The Reckoning” (2015), and “Decennium Primum” (2017). Two years after the recent release, they are presenting their fifth form – “The Seal of a New World”. This will be the first album featuring their new voice, Jota Fortinho.

First thing noticeable in the album is the proggy attack on guitars – both on the rhythm and lead parts. It has lots of groovy riffs and complex solos, which are simply amazing. Ronnie’s bass level is an assertive force in the album. His bass is way above the mix, summoning thunders all over the area – the kind you’ll her from Steve Harris. I also have to mention how Jota proved himself as the perfect fit to SIGNUM REGIS’ soundscape. His voice blends perfectly with the high-octane type of Power Metal they play. He brags his ability to effortlessly hit high notes and unleash raw basic growls.

The song “Prisoner’s Elegy”, aside from being the most infectious, most addictive, most epic and most ridiculously catchy song off the album, also kind of explains the entire album all by itself. It has riffs that combine classic and modern touches, an unreal shredfest of a solo, crunchy drum beats, and keys lurking in the background and providing an additional layer of classy sound to the album. Of course, it also served like a playground for Jota’s bipolar(ish) vocals. He’s simply amazing, and unreal. The last time I heard this kind of vocal performance was last year, from Carlos Zema of the American Prog-Power Metal band IMMORTAL GUARDIAN. Such skill in flawlessly transitioning from high notes to growls is a big asset for any Progressive Power Metal band for it adds to the spice and unpredictability of an album.

Aside for the earlier mentioned song, one of the other notable tracks is “A Memory”. You’ll think “this must be a power ballad” and right when you are off-guard, it blasts right on your face. Also, if you think the solos in other songs are crazy enough, this one features an acoustic solo, a duet with the bass, and a prolonged shredfest that would make DRAGONFORCE jealous – considering that there is only one man behind it all. Another interesting song is the final song “Scheme of Lies” being the shiftiest song in the album. If you want to talk about unpredictability within a song, this must be a prime example. The sudden breaks and pushes-and-pulls employed in the song will keep any listener engaged. Lastly, I want to mention “Fly Away” for its crystal clear NWOBHM elements. Actually, its intro is a very nice JUDAS PRIEST reference.

What else can be said about this album? It’s simply extraordinary. Even if its playtime exceeded the one-hour mark, I can see no problem with it for it will keep anyone engaged and moving. Their musicality demands respect and attention – and it’s completely worth it. Each member sounded like they really loved what they were doing, and as a result, we have this golden album called “The Seal of a New World”.  The formidable combo of Ronnie and Filip’s deserves a special mention. You can clearly see why they stayed together through the years – and that is because they complement each other perfectly. By the way, they have this side project called DREAM PATROL, and they play good ol’ Rock n’ Roll. You might want to check that out.

With a quality songwriting, excellent musicianship and a top-class production, this album can easily be among the most memorable releases this year. Metal temple approves!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 10


4 Star Rating

1. Kings of the Underground
2. Prisoner’s Elegy
3. I Always Go All-In
4. The City of God
5. The Seal of a New World
6. A Memory
7. Phantasmagoria
8. Let Freedom Ring
9. Never Surrender
10. Fly Away
11. Shalom
12. Scheme of Lies
Jota Fortinho – Lead vocals
Filip Koluš – Guitars
Ronnie König – Bass
Ján Tupý – Keyboards, backing vocals
Jaro Jančula – Drums
Record Label: Beyond the Storm Productions


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