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Sister - Vengeance Ignited Award winner

Vengeance Ignited
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 28 April 2021, 3:23 PM

In the golden age of Glam Metal/Hair Metal, the genre itself fragmented in some subgenres, and one of them is very particular: Sleazy Rock/Metal. It kept some of the nasty approaches of Punk Rock and ferine touch with the smashing melodic load of Glam Metal. Many good names arose in it, but as the full genre felt in the early years of the 90’s due Grunge Rock/Alternative Rock trend, and as Glam Metal came back since the early years of 2000’s in Europe (or in other worlds, out of its original axis, the USA territory), some new names of Sleazy Rock/Metal appeared, as SISTER. And the quartet takes it music seriously, as can be heard on “Vengeance Ignited”.

As could be expected, the quartet comes from Sweden (the new oasis for the genre), and it’s amazing aggressive, with nasty screamed vocals and a powerful and energetic impact. But the catchy melodies that are easy to love and remarkable choruses are there as well. For some fans, it can sound like a Heavy Metal band sometimes, and even some nasty and dirty Rock ‘n’ Roll influences can be heard (as the ‘motorheadian’ guitars on “Spitfire”). Aggressive and melodic, full of energy and sounding fresh and alive, this album really can cause shocks to the fans, because it’s really excellent. The sonority of “Vengeance Ignited” combines the defined aspects of modern recordings: clear and aggressive in the same doses. And the band sounds heavy in a way that can cause pain to those that aren’t introduced to their musical work. But’s really and excellent work, indeed.

If you’re looking for something near ‘shut-up-and-play’ speeches, these guys are too much for you. They’re speaking in a way that neocon fans can’t stand, especially due nasty energetic shots as “Bring Out the Dead” (a great chorus with strong backing vocals, and a fine and solid work from bass guitar and drums), “Vengeance Ignited” (another full force energy impacting song, but with excellent guitar riffs and solos), “Spitfire” (a basic and savage Hard ‘n’ Roll with clean influences from MOTÖRHEAD and AC/DC on the guitars, but the aggressive and screamed tunes from the vocals are really incredible), “Scream for Pleasure” (one of the most accessible moments of the album, filled with excellent and easy melodies, and a great chorus as well), “Psycho Thrilling” (another great and modern Sleaze Rock song, with strong drums and bass guitar presence once more), “Die with a Smile” (another accessible song in the melodies), and “One Last Ride” (there’s the presence of modern groove on the rhythms). But come on…listen to the entire album, it won’t hurt you…

SISTER is really an excellent name from the Swedish Glam Metal scene, so listen to “Vengeance Ignited”, and enjoy.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Bring Out the Dead
2. Vengeance Ignited
3. Spitfire
4. Scream for Pleasure
5. Psycho Thrilling
6. Primal Rage
7. Die with a Smile
8. Walk with Me
9. Whispering Winds
10. One Last Ride
Jamie Anderson - Vocals
Phil Armfelt - Guitars
Freddan Hiitomaa - Bass
Cari Crow - Drums
Record Label: Flick Records


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