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SlaughterCoffin - Unholy Soldiers of Satan

Unholy Soldiers of Satan
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 16 June 2021, 3:04 PM

After the end of the 80’s, there was a shift in the Death Metal pole: from the USA (especially California), the genre moved to Tampa, Florida (USA) and to Stockholm (Sweden), who became the two worldly meccas. Of course, other cities and countries gave birth to great names as well (no one can deny the importance of Netherlands Death Metal, of course), but these cities had forms of playing Death Metal that became the new paradigms of the genre. So hearing “Unholy Soldiers of Satan”, the first album of the Swedish duet SLAUGHTERCOFFIN causes no surprises to the fans of the genre.

Their music is the old and good form of playing Death Metal, influenced by names as POSSESSED, DEATH, CELTIC FROST and AUTOPSY, and with some traces from CARNAGE. It’s the classic outfit, without anything that can be called modern. The extreme grunts (in a similar way to the USA Death Metal School), mixed with nasty guitar riffs, and solid work on the rhythmic session (bass guitar and drums are working in a simple, but heavy way) are their offering to the fans. And although they’re not doing anything that wasn’t heard countless times before, they are pretty good on it, creating something nasty, aggressive, but filled with a catchy energy.

Besides the duet works on a traditional form, even on the recordings, the result of the sound production is something defined in a way that every listener will have no troubles to deal with, but keeping the handmade instrumental tunes of the past to improve their musical ideas. The band has potential to work in a better way in the future, because it’s just a matter of sharping their songs on a better way. But the charm of songs as “Pope Penetrator” (fast song in a traditional way, and with a drilling set of guitar riffs and nasty solos penetrates through the ears), “Butchering Bitches for the Devil” (that shares the same elements from the previous song, with hooking tempos), “Den Lede (the Rise of Kungsorian Horde)” (the slow and bitter approach creates an oppressive ambience, and what good work on bass guitar and drums), and “All Life Ends at Midnight” (an abrasive and nasty song, showing very good grunts that fits on the instrumental parts) are the right ones to make Old School Death Metal fans fall in love with the band’s work.

As a first release, “Unholy Soldiers of Satan” passed the test. But SLAUGHTERCOFFIN can (and must) improve things. They’re good and have potential to do so.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Pope Penetrator
2. Butchering Bitches for the Devil
3. The End of Seraphim
4. Den Lede (the Rise of Kungsorian Horde)
5. A Furore Mannorum Libra Nos, Domine
6. All Life Ends at Midnight
7. Annihilate the Sons of Abram
Lord Slaughter - Vocals, Drums
God Emperor Coffin - Guitars, Bass
Record Label: Corrupted Flesh Records


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