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Slithering Decay - Aeons Untold Award winner

Slithering Decay
Aeons Untold
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 14 July 2021, 12:42 PM

There are basically three Death Metal formats, in the end of all debates: the Old School Death Metal that is based on the early model designed by DEATH, POSSESSED, MASSACRE and MASTER in the first half of the 80’s; the form of the Second Wave of the genre ignited in the last years of the 80’s, when MORBID ANGEL, OBITUARY, ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER, UNLEASHED and others took over; and the third wave that started in the 90’s and caused the coming of the modern tendencies (so names as SOILWORK, IN FLAMES, GODFLESH, NILE, EDGE OF SANITY and many others can be put on this group). This is a basic definition, and it’s not so hard (because many conceptions can be correlated to it). So to define the musical work from the Belgian quartet SLITHERING DECAY shown on “Aeons Untold” is not so difficult.

They have a clear Death Metal orientation to the works of Swedish Death Metal forefathers from the 90’s (namely ENTOMBED on its early age, DISMEMBER and UNLEASHED), especially due the jigsaw guitar approach, so it’s not technically intricate and do not bears melodies: it’s rough, brutal and oppressive, being sometimes fast, and on others more climatic and bitter. Of course such format doesn’t sound new, but in the way the band is playing puts a personality on their music. It’s truly good, indeed. Jörgen (the band’s vocalist/guitarist) did the mixing of the album (and the graphic design as well), with the drummer Bart making the sound engineering, and having the master Dan Swanö on the mastering. All these efforts to make the sound quality of “Aeons Untold” similar to the brutal and rough sonorities of the past, but with modern updates to make it clear and understandable. But a tip for the band: even the final result being very good, let Dan work on the mixing as well on the next time.

The sound massacre imposed by songs as “Metaphysical Iconoclasm” (fine contrasts between fast and slow parts, with very good riffs and nasty solos from the guitars), “Orgy of Flesh” and “Embedded in Hollowness” (both showing a very good technical work from bass guitar and drums can be heard, but without being complicated), “Psychotic Ecstasy” and “Resurrected in Chaos” (from where the early Hardcore and Thrash Metal influences from Death Metal are in evidence, especially on the tempos and riffs), and “Blood Unforeseen” (very good grunts, indeed) will cause extreme love reactions from Death Metal fans.

Obviously, SLITHERING DECAY shows potential to make even better songs than is heard on “Aeons Untold” in the future, but for now, their work is really very good.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Metaphysical Iconoclasm
2. Bloodstained Tears
3. Orgy of Flesh
4. Embedded in Hollowness
5. Internal Dismay
6. Psychotic Ecstasy
7. Verminous Flood
8. Resurrected in Chaos
9. Doomsday Prayer
10. Blood Unforeseen
Jörgen - Vocals, Guitars
Niko - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Tomas - Bass
Bart - Drums
Record Label: Testimony Records


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