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Snӕr – Frozen Alchemy

Frozen Alchemy
by Seán Leslie at 22 April 2021, 11:28 PM

SNӔR are a black metal band from Maine, USA, They’re no strangers to the world of black metal having been together since 2015. Their debut release came in the form of an EP titled “Do It Yourself” four years on in 2019 and now they’re back with their independently released debut full length record titled “Frozen Alchemy”.

This album is packed with nine tracks for fans of black metal to enjoy. With the dark and demonic vocals along with the solid bass skills of Joe Doom, Matt Glidden bringing hard hitting melodic drums and both Jeffrey Snader and Zach Hornick battling it out on guitar, Jeffrey Snader playing lead and Zach Hornick bringing the rhythm. The album has eight original tracks on it and is completed by the nineth track which is a cover of “The Return Of Darkness And Evil” which originally came from the band BATHORY.

Prior to the release of this album the band released no pre-release singles so the only thing fans had to base the bands sound off was 2019’s five track EP “Do It Yourself” and a lot can change in two years so it was interesting to see how they would evolve and how their sound would change prior to the release of their debut album.

The albums sixth track is the title track “Frozen Alchemy”, starts off with a very sludgy and almost doom metal feel to it as the first minute is quite a slow paced instrumental that then speeds up with the introduction of the vocals and every aspect of the track becomes a lot heavier sounding even including an announcement style spoken piece in the middle as the song continues to build and even giving way to a drum solo to the talented Matt Glidden behind the kit before the band roars back to life.

The track the directly follows “Frozen Alchemy” is a track named after the band itself “Snӕr” which is a lot more fat paced from the get-go then the previous track was. However it does eventually slow down before increasing the pace again to end off the track on an energetic note. The guitars and drums dominate the sound of this track however it does include a minor bass solo to break up the track which I did enjoy hearing too.

Having listened to the album in it’s entirety I can say fans of black metal will definitely enjoy it, the tracks aren’t as long as can typically be found in black metal, one track passes the seven minute mark but the rest are relatively short, this album is definitely worth checking out and this band is worth keeping an eye on too as they progress throughout their career.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Black Stain
3. Ghouls Of The Sea
4. Black Bear Mauling
5, Endless Suffering
6. Frozen Alchemy
7. Snӕr
8. March To The Ovens
9. The Return Of Darkness And Evil (Bathory Cover)
Joe Doom – Bass/Vocals
Matt Glidden – Drums
Jeffrey Snader – Guitar
Zach Hornick ­– Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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