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Snake Bite Whisky – Black Candy Award winner

Snake Bite Whisky
Black Candy
by Rachel Montgomery at 10 June 2021, 10:23 AM

SNAKE BITE WHISKY is what is says on the tin: a noise-fueled rock fest that came to party and isn’t cleaning up the mess! They proudly proclaim on their site that they’re a sleaze band, formed in 2014 to kick ass and take names. After some nominations at the TBFM Awards in the UK in 2015, the band’s notoriety outside of their home country in Australia skyrocketed. Today, they’re releasing Black Candy, an unapologetically loud and simple-but-well-constructed album suited for fans of 80s rock.

Did you expect a band called Snake Bite whiskey not to be loud and punk-rock influenced? From the relentless riffs and the speak-screaming vocals inspired by punk, the opening track “Thunderbird” hammers in what you should’ve expected from the beginning: a loud, wild ride. The best part of the song is the motorcycle engine revving before the high-pitched, sweeping guitar solo, giving the song a classic edge mixed with punk and American hard rock.

Creep Show” has an excellent opening guitar melody with a great, smooth bass line. Like most of the album’s fare, it’s a typical song with a standard verse/chorus structure. However, it’s the little details like the baritone voice in the verse superbly contrasting the higher pitched gritter vocals in the chorus that make it a standout. Combine the Western/Cowboy influence with some bluesier notes and a punch of ROB ZOMBIE, and it becomes a tune that sticks with you.

Choke” and “Bones In The Fire” both take cues from 80s hard rock. The former’s hook reminds me of a MOTLEY CRUE song and the guitar tuning in both songs has a distinct VAN HALEN vibe. When they lyrics come on, the slow droll is a combination of DAVID LEE ROTH and OZZY OSBOURNE in tone with a distinct stoner rock flavor. The combo puts an interesting twist on vintage music that’s sure to be captivating to listeners. And of course, they have to have an homage to the 80s drug of choice. “Sweet Cocaine” takes some cues from the narcotic and speeds along in another fast, traditional 80s hard rock song. Both this song and the following song “Hammered” have a strong bass line. Apart from its bass melody, this song has a kickass guitar solo, as does the squealing, sweeping interlude in “Dead By Dawn”, which gives the song a much-needed pick-me-up.

The closing track has a fitting title. The party must end, and nothing says that like the ominous-sounding riff opening “End Of The Line”. The album seems to follow a nonlinear story of a party animal. He starts off riding his motorcycle and ends up nearly ODing at a party thanks to cocaine and alcohol, alluded to by a couple of the song titles near the end of the album. Lyrics alluding to chasing the dragon and falling off the wagon further cement the party animal’s sad, abrupt fate.

Overall, the strengths of the album are the bass melodies, hooks, and guitar sweeps. In true punk rock/MOTORHEAD fashion, the songs are short and have a traditional verse/chorus structure, but they’re full of flavor and spice fitting an album about an 80s rocker. Check them out if you want to rock and have a good time while listening!

Songwriting: 9
Production: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Thunderbird
2. Raised In Hell
3. Creep show
4. Choke
5. Bones In The Fire
6. Reload, Aim, Kill
7. Sweet Cocaine
8. Hammered
9. Dead By Dawn
10. End Of The Line
Jay R - Vocals
Laggy - Guitars
Stacii Blake - Bass
Dan Weldon – Drums
Record Label: Sliptrick Records


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Edited 01 December 2021

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