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Starquake - Time Space Matter

Time Space Matter
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 09 March 2019, 12:44 PM

In the 70’s, the golden age for Progressive Rock, the megalomania of the instrumental voyages was in a level that was almost unreachable for conventional music fans. Even with all the ample musical taste of the young people of the past, the genre was very difficult to be swallowed. Today, the latest Progressive Rock bands’ releases are not so long and with the old technical approach on the songs (people will only buy an album if they can understand it). And the old feeling permeates “Time Space Matter”, the new album from the German quartet STARQUAKE.

Their music is based on earlier Classic Rock from the 70’s (pay attention to the focus on the harmonies created by Hammond organ) with some Progressive Rock ambiance (and even Folk parts can be heard, as on the beginning of “Goddammaddog”). Sometimes you can think of YES, DEEP PURPLE and RUSH while hearing this album. And the technical insight is not pedant or heavy loaded as on the 70’s, so it’s easy to like their music. The sound quality of “Time Space Matter” is very good, trying to blend the old feeling of 70's Classic Rock with the modern feeling. Although it sounds a bit crude than the needed (maybe to reinforce the organic feeling on the songs, besides the guitars’ tunes could be way better), it’s not a waste, far from that. It’s like the band was playing a rehearsal and the studio engineer started to record without them noticing it.

The band doesn’t deny its Progressive Rock insight in many ways (as the long duration of some songs), but the mix between Hard Rock and 70s melodies on “Starquake” and on “Goddammaddog” (excellent guitar solos), the long and experimental “Jack” (very good rhythmic work from bass guitar and drums), the catching Hammond harmonies on “Matter - And the Giant Was Gentle”, and the giant and multilayered “A Never Give Up Suite” are the best ones from the album. “Time Space Matter” is not so easy to digest for many, but STARQUAKE made a good work, indeed.

Originality: 7
Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Starquake
2. Goddammaddog
3. Jack
4. Matona Mia Cara
5. Time - It’s Always Now
6. Space - Lost Souls
7. Matter - And the Giant Was Gentle
8. A Never Give Up Suite
9. Off to Pastures New
Mikey Wenzel - Vocals, Instruments, Programming
Alex Kugler - Guitars
Jan “Donkey” Van Meerendonk - Drums
Andi Pernpeintner - Hammond, Piano
Record Label: Pure Rock Records


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