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Sulpur - Embracing Hatred and Beckoning Darkness

Embracing Hatred and Beckoning Darkness
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 08 May 2021, 9:24 AM

Sometimes, people think that playing a specific Metal genre is a matter of attitude. And it’s not, in reality. The negative answer means that, above everything, is the capacity of the musicians (or of only one musician, as the one man bands state) to create something of their own, something that wasn’t done before. And to be trapped in a model means that a band would never become what it could due the limits the musicians impose to themselves. And SULPUR could be better, but what’s heard on “Embracing Hatred and Beckoning Darkness” is a good release, but nothing above this.

It’s a classical form of playing Old School Black Metal, in a similar way to DARKTHRONE and MAYHEM on their early releases, adorned with some somber melodies. But the main problem is that the album is just a recollection of the clichés of the genre without anything that wasn’t done before. It’s aggressive, nasty and brutal, but the possibilities of their songs aren’t fulfilled as they could, because the songs sound as they were ‘trapped’ in a model. It’s not bad, but could be much better.

The sonority of “Embracing Hatred and Beckoning Darkness” is what could be expected: that same old and raw sound quality that stenches to a walk on a cemetery by night. Crude and organic, but with poor instrumental tunes (especially on the drums), it seems something forced to be in this way, and not spontaneous. It’s not something bad, but the band’s music asks for more than that.

The musical ideas expressed on “Embracing Hatred and Beckoning Darkness” (fine guitars and darkened melodies), “Blessed by Foul Magick” (good contrasts between harsh parts with morbid ambiences), and “As Stars Line the Path to Glory” (a long song with very good contrasts once more, very good shrieks and a solid work from the rhythmic session) are showing the band’s musical value. But they could be expressed in a better form. The band’s potential on this way is amazing, but needs to be putted out in a proper way.

Once more: “Embracing Hatred and Beckoning Darkness” isn’t a loss, and deserves to be carefully heard by Black Metal fans. But SULPUR has enough talent to become a cornerstone into the genre, and it’s just a matter of using it.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 5

3 Star Rating

1. Intro / Embracing Hatred and Beckoning Darkness
2. Blessed by Foul Magick
3. Through the Triumph of Blood
4. A Temple Draped in Shadow
5. As Stars Line the Path to Glory
Record Label: Amor Fati Productions


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