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Superlynx – Electric Temple

Electric Temple
by Damion Finlayson at 19 June 2021, 2:20 PM

This 3 piece band from Oslo, Norway was formed in 2013 and are seen as one of Norway’s top metal bands. The Norwegian Band was formed in 2013 by Pia Isaksen. The band exceeds genres with their distinct sound and melts doom, psych, meditative atmospheres, and heavy droning rock together. The band released their debut album LVX in 2016, and 3 years later released their second album New Moon in 2019 and currently realesed their third album Electric Temple early in 2021.

Electric Temple” As soon as the song starts you can feel how dark and mysterious this band want the song to be as the bass player sets the tone for the entire song. When the Vocals Kick in you notice straight away that this band want their songs to be dark and give out the meditative atmosphere. As the Instruments have a big part to play in this song when the vocals come in the vocalist needs to make sure that the lyrics have a big impact on the audience, and they all connect with them.
Moonbather” The Start of this song with the guitars and bass playing it gives me that feeling that I’m being led into a ritual of some sorts and gives me a feeling of discomfort of my surroundings. As I feel the band want to give out that uneasy affect with their lyrics and instruments playing. The lyrics in this as well feel like they are performing a ritual as well as the instruments giving the same thing, the backing vocals in this song are done really well and gels well with the lead vocals.

Returning Light” The bass at the start of the song starts off very deep telling me again this is going to be another dark and mysterious tone to the song. As the guitars kick in the song starts to raise the tone slightly. As the vocalists sings I cant help but think that this song is all about the darkness and coldness at winter time is finally over and the long nights are going to be lighter days with the sun returning. The guitar in this song plays a big part as he needs to keep changing the way he plays a couple times in this song and does it really well in my opinion.

Then you Move” This song is really mellow and chilled as the instruments are all played with real consideration. As the male vocalist sings in this song it has a deeper rhythm to it to suit his capabilities to when the female sings. The song makes me think about a world that has been destroyed and you need to move and adapt yourself to survive and make aware of your surroundings. Once again in this song the instruments play a big part to setting the rhythm and tone as the vocals are limited.

My Finals thoughts on this album are the instruments played in all of the songs have a real influential part to play as there is a lot of music played but no lyrics been sung. I Would recommend giving this album a listening to and really zoning into the songs

Musicianship: 8

4 Star Rating

1.Rising Flame
2.Electric Temple
5.Sonic Sacrament
6.Returning Light
7.Laws Of Nature
8.Then you move
9.Siren Song
Pia Isaksen – Bass,Vocals
Ole Teigan - Drums,Vocals
Daniel Bakken – Guitars
Record Label: Dark Essence Records


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Edited 28 July 2021

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