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Swirl - Swirl

by Ray Burrows at 03 June 2014, 9:49 AM

Here we have SWIRL, a great newly formed energetic Hard Rock band out of Washington State, USA. SWIRL released their self-titled album “Swirl” in -2013- on i-tunes, and you can now purchase the CD, and a T-Shirt on their cool new website store here!

I will compare the overall sound of SWIRL to be a lot like original SOUNDGARDEN, but with more of a melodic rock quality. One could also easily compare SWIRL to RATT with a small hint of BLACK SABBATH!

The self-titled seven track album by “Swirl” is a fast paced, very clean sounding pure Hard Rock release, every song on “Swirl” is very well done, and the production quality is flawless! I really appreciate how SWIRL has went about creating their self-titled release, the songs are very uplifting!

After listening to “Swirl” in its entirety it has lifted me up mood wise! Now when music has a positive vibe like this it is what keeps Rock/Metal alive and well! You can really feel the passion and the exceptional quality in the music that SWIRL creates!

What I like the most about SWIRL is how well these guys meld together, it is like these guys have been together for twenty years or more, the vocals by Alfred are super cool, and gritty! The guitar playing by Duane (the founder of SWIRL) is very impressive, and smooth! The Bass playing by Shane is just thundering, I will admit that I like the Bass playing on this album very much! The drumming on “Swirl” by Duane's brother Brian is also very thumping, and it is what pushes all the tunes on “Swirl” to a higher level!

I will tell you what, I want to see more bands out there like SWIRL in this day and age, these guys are already at their pinnacle, and their music shows that they will easily fit in alongside all of the more popular Hard Rock bands out there today. I think SWIRL is at the top of their game already, whatever they create in the future is sure to be nothing but a masterpiece!

Now on to the down side, I want more songs, but wait a minute, that is not a bad thing right? No it is not really! It simply shows that the music SWIRL has originally created is solid, they knew what they wanted to produce, and they did it to the best of their abilities by taking the time to perfect their craft!

More bands should follow in SWIRLS footsteps and make sure that they take the time to fine tune their music before the big push. That way, when the push begins the word gets heard, the word will spread, and the band will grow strong as the music spreads!

If “Swirl” was a full twelve track album it would have most likely gotten a rating of ten out of ten from us at Metal Temple here, but “Swirl” receives an outstanding eight out of ten, and please give SWIRL some love and purchase their new album “Swirl” from their nice website, quality guys, quality Hard Rock music! What more could a Rock/Metal fan ask for?


4 Star Rating

1. Fourth Of July
2. Mad Disease
3. Message
4. Rise
5. Spell
6. Time To Fly
7. We Are Alive
Alfred Ramirez – Lead Vocals
Duane T. Jones – Guitar
Shane Carlson – Bass
Brian Jones – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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