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SynlakrosS – 0K4M1 Award winner

by Thomas Kumke at 11 June 2021, 11:28 AM

SYNLAKROSS hailing from Valencia, Spain were formed in 2008. They are a fusion of melodic Death Metal and melodic Metalcore with integrating other elements such as Nu Metal into their music. “0K4M1” is their 4th full-length album that is released three years after their “Malice Murder” album. It is an independent release. The album was mixed, mastered, and produced by Facundo Novo at Novo Estudios in Valencia, Spain. It has a length of 30 minutes.

0K4M1” is a futuristic concept album of a creature called 0K4M1 which was created by humans from a synthetic embryo and an alien DNA. The creature is dying somewhere in space and shares its life history with everyone who receives the message. In the “Intro 0K4M1”, the creature introduces itself: “My identification name is 0K4M1/I am dying right now/I’m becoming one with the cosmos/…/My name is 0K4M1/And this is my story”. The listener is part of its life experience which starts with “Pitch Black”. “Pitch Black” has a quiet piano-driven beginning, before it bursts out with an ear-deafening scream of vocalist Patricia Pons and a short sequence of guitar riffs and hammering drums. The main rhythm during the verse is mid-tempo and almost stomping with powerful guitar riffs with catchy melodic lead guitar sequences, cool bass lines and a typically Metalcore-driven harmonic chorus section. The verse vocals are growling mostly around the medium end of the gutturals with some higher pitched notes while the chorus vocals are clean. “Pitch Black” was released as video and the movie story is embedded into the concept showing the creation and birth of 0K4M1: “Doctors cut the uterus/Here is the Antichrist”. The YouTube link is given below.

Oscilloscope” starts off with aggressive guitar riffs and crunching bass lines at a head-banging rhythm. The vocals are a mix of growls and clean while the rhythm section is clearly Nu Metal inspired. The bass is driving the song forward and guides into a well contributing short lead guitar solo. “Oscilloscope” has all the potential to become a fan favorite especially during the live shows. “The Last Day Of Eris” starts off at a higher pace during the verse sections with sharp and dynamic guitar riffs while the chorus sections are slower in tempo and maintain the harmonic parts of the song. The lead guitar solo halfway through the song has some classical Heavy Metal vibes and again contribute excellently to the overall theme of the song. “Ökami” keeps the pace of “The Last Day Of Eris” and is arguably the most aggressive song on the album. The structure is complex with a few tempo changes and twists. Sonically it includes a few Eastern Asian vibes as well. The guitar riffs are flesh-ripping and the lead guitar solo is one of the highlights of the track beside Patricia Pons incredibly brutal growling vocals. The vocals contain the full range from a few very aggressive clean vocals to growls and ear-piercing screams: “They call me the wolf/They call me the God/I am the 0K4M1/I am the wolf”.

Although “Lost In The Universe” is one of the slower songs on “0K4M1”, it includes very powerful guitar riffs and bass lines. “Escape From Earth” is the fastest song of the album and full of Metalcore vibes. The riffing during the verse section is very hectic but maintaining a melodic line and the drums are blisteringly fast. The textures are a bit chaotic with lots of tempo changes and variations of the riff sequences, however, the overall riff line guides the song forward. It leads into the final song “Stardust” which is with more than 6 minutes the longest track on the album. It is a slow but very heavy song, with the vocals predominantly clean with occasional growls and screams during the middle break of the track. It concludes the life journey of 0K4M1 that comes to an end in the fastness of the universe: “Stars are dead, stars are cold/My life is about to end”.

SYNLAKROSS deliver their best album so far with “0K4M1”. Being a concept album, the topic about the creature 0K4M1 is noticeable everywhere: in the lyrics, in the futuristic underlying sound, in the video, and on the cover. The band sticks to that concept and this makes it to a unique album. Musically, SYNLAKROSS have developed their melodic Death Metal/Metalcore style further and they have progressed as a band with an own character in terms of sound, lyrics, songwriting, and performance. “0K4M1” is well produced. Fans of melodic Death Metal and melodic Metalcore will be delighted with “0K4M1” and can look forward to watch SYNLAKROSS live with their new material.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Intro 0K4M1
2. Pitch-Black
3. Oscilloscope
4. The Last Day Of Eris
5. Ökami
6. Lost In The Universe
7. Escape From Earth
8. Stardust
Patricia Pons – Vocals
Aaron Hidalgo – Guitars
Ivan Munoz ­ Guitars
Dan Shurak – Drums
Pablo Fuentes – Bass
Record Label: Independent


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