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The Lightbringer of Sweden – Rise of the Beast Award winner

The Lightbringer of Sweden
Rise of the Beast
by Jean-François ‘’Jackal’’ Poulin at 13 August 2020, 12:09 PM

THE LIGHTBRINGER OF SWEDEN is a Swedish Traditional Heavy Metal band. This is their first full-length album and they were formed back in 2017. This is also the side project of vocalist Herbie Langhans who is the new singer of FIREWIND. FIREWIND are probably the most underrated Power Metal band out there and their 2020 album was something else so let us see what this vocalist has in store this time for the listener out there!

Herbie Langhans sounds like a grittier version of Andi Deris of HELLOWEEN. His raspier voice has plenty of power ensuring that the choruses soar yet he can hit the high notes and deliver with plenty of melodiousness and charisma to the record. He showcases another side of his voice than what he does in FIREWIND. He doesn’t have that full-fledged axeman like Gus G. in this band but he has a more than capable backing band that packs a punch. Nothing against Lars Eng and Jonas Andersson, they do a fine job and are technically efficient. They do a great job delivering uplifting licks and crushing solos even though they are few and far between most of the time.

I was surprised that such an album would not have any keyboards but it turned out for the better. The guitars are in full effect and create the atmosphere of the band and the drum sounds really crisp. The drummer is by far the best element of the band according to me. He is the backbone of the band and he creates that crushing rhythm throughout this opus. The songwriting is impressive and the lyrics are deeper than a lot of bands in that genre. They are delivered with such force by the singer and the harmonies keep ringing in your head hours after listening to this album.

You have a bit for everyone, the mid tempo ‘’One by One’’ is a nice change of pace and Herbie delivers such raw emotion and it really peaks your interest. You have some real headbangers like ‘’The Beast Inside Me’’ that channels the best years of PRIMAL FEAR. You have a lot of subtle variations of tempos and the musicians do have that occasion to shine. Well musically, it’s more of less exactly what we have heard before in the genre. It’s not highly innovative but it's captivating enough to draw comparisons to some of the best bands of the revival of the genre. It’s melodic, it’s catchy and it’s hard hitting, you can’t ask for more than that.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. The Moon
2. Fallen Angels
3. The Beast Inside of Me
4. One by One
5. Into the Night
6. Skeletor
7. Lightbringer
8. Save Us
9. Heaven Has Fallen
10. Shadows of the Night
Herbie Langhans – Vocals
Johan Bergquist – Bass
Tobbe Jonsson – Drums
Lars Eng – Guitars
Jonas Andersson – Lead Guitars
Record Label: Independent


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